How Online Absence Reporting Benefits Employees And Managers

How Online Absence Reporting Benefits Employees And Managers
Last Updated: October 27, 2022

Online absence reporting ideally entails employees with secure access to view their absence records and determine their leave allowances, which also notifies their managers or supervisors that they won't make it to work virtually. If they aren't able to do so, maybe because of a sickness that has made them extremely weak, they can tell someone else to do it on their behalf. They must provide this notice before their scheduled reporting date or time.

Most companies have adopted this policy, and it applies to all workers. Firms implementing effective absence reporting strategies have made it easier for managers to track team member absenteeism, sick leave requests, and paid time off. This is less time-consuming and enables managers to make proper and informed decisions regarding their employees.


However, team members are not advised to give the nitty gritty datils of their medical condition if that's the cause of their absenteeism. As long as you inform your supervisor of your inability to come to work, and the anticipated duration that you'll be away, that settles it.


Also, if anything changes in the course of getting treatment, and you have to prolong the absence period, you must inform your managers about it. Failure to do that can be termed as unauthorized leave, which may result in losing your job if it goes on for more than three days.


Some organizations also require that employees with a pattern of being absent due to sickness must provide a statement from the doctor any time they return to work from treatment.


Online absence reporting benefits employees and managers in many ways. They include:


1. Employees Can See The Days They've Been Off

Communicating to your supervisor using a text, as explained via, allows you to see the number of days you've not been at work. All employees are entitled to a specific number of days annually when they can take their paid leave.


So, once you've returned to work after several absences, you can calculate the number of days off that you've not been working and ascertain the remaining ones. This will help prepare you psychologically, and at least you won't have expectations to get more days than what the policy allows.


Thus, you'll struggle to ensure that you work to your full potential before taking another work leave, of course, unless an emergency occurs. You'll also make an effort to take a holiday for a worthy cause to avoid feeling guilty, or even work when the year ends, when most people go on vacations.


Essentially, absence reporting helps employees recognize the days they've been away and reorganize themselves for the better once they return to work.


2. It Encourages Innovation To Reduce Manual Work


As a manager, you'd like to have an up-to-date online absence reporting system to reduce the hassle of manual work. This not only helps you save time but also increases your motivation to work. If you're working in a big organization, developing a good absence management system is critical to help streamline all processes.


You'd want to avoid a situation where many employees send emails requesting days off because there's a high likelihood that they'll wait for so long before getting replies. Moreover, tracking the number of days the employee has been absent and their remaining leave days can be somewhat tricky when using this platform.


Moreover, you have to use a long process of cross-referencing the employees' leave requests with databases and spreadsheets and check staffing levels before giving the leave to the employee.


The moment you've done this, the next thing is to send another email to the team members and inform them that their request has been approved. This whole process is tiresome, unreliable, costly, and inefficient. You can quickly establish that, as much as email is an online platform, it's not the best option.


Thus, the essence of having online absence reporting under an upgraded centralized absence management system is that it encourages time-saving and is more cost-effective.


You must ensure that through the system you've developed, all employees can instantly see:

  • Their total number of leave allowance days.
  • The number of off days they have.


After that, they can click to ask for a leave, and HR will have an easy time approving or disapproving the break depending on the reasons, workload, and the number of staff remaining. This process takes minutes. That's why it would help if managers developed such an up-to-date system for all the online absence reports.


3. It Plays A Key Role In Planning And Reassigning Of Work

When a team member informs their supervisor that they won't make it to work, the manager can easily reassign the task designated to them to someone else. This helps in improving the workflow and avoiding submitting late work.


If an employee fails to report their absence, the supervisor will not be aware that the employee isn't coming. Therefore, they may continue with their regular schedule thinking that all team members are working on their assigned tasks.


When the time comes for them to follow up on the work that everyone is doing, that’s when they realize the absence of one team member, especially if the organization is big. This can cause great inconvenience since there'll be a pending task, which is probably urgently needed.


Therefore, online absence reporting is good for helping managers reassign work and plan a new schedule, excluding one or a few absent employees.


4, It Helps In Saving Time And Resources For Workers

Can you imagine a situation where employees must go to their workplaces to inform their managers that they won't be working that day? This encourages not only wastage of time but also money.


The employee may be living far away from the workplace, and the mere thought of taking public means or fueling their car to come and report their absence physically sounds unfair. Also, the team member may have an emergency or be extremely sick and bedridden, which makes it difficult for them to go to the office to report that they won't work.


Online absence reporting is beneficial to employees because they can inform their managers of their inability to show up at work in the comfort of wherever they are. This helps them save time, and they’ll be able to attend to their grievances with immediate action.


5. Managers Can Decide Whether To Hire Or Fire

Online absence reporting allows employers to check the patterns of absenteeism and ascertain whether they need more employees and if others need to be eliminated. Some employees tend to lie about their sick days.


As the manager, you shouldn't assume that a team member's frequent absenteeism is connected to dishonesty, but you can use different strategies to ascertain that. You need to know if the team member is genuinely sick or is using it as an excuse to avoid being at work. 


Some of the ways to do that include:

  • Confirm whether there's a specific day or days that the team member asks for a leave from your timekeeping records.
  • Take a look at their history and whether they've been faithful in other dealings.
  • Check whether they follow all the guidelines stated in the absenteeism reporting policy.


Such things can give you an idea of whether the team member is usually dishonest. You can use wisdom to follow up, and if you find out that they lie, you can either warn them or terminate their employment.


Another scenario is that there may be several employees with severe and chronic health conditions who don't show up to work on many occasions. In this case, you can decide to hire more employees to help reduce the workload and ease the burden of those that are sick.


Therefore, online absence reporting guides the Human Resource managers on whether they should get new employees or terminate the employment of the existing ones based on the patterns of absenteeism.


6. Employers Can Get To Reenergize And Get Back To Work

One thing about working consistently for long hours is that your body will get tired, and you may experience fatigue, burnout, and work-related stress, which can get to a critical point. Working in such a condition isn't advisable since it can affect your overall performance.


So, when you find yourself in a situation where you can't work, you can use online absence reporting and tell your manager or supervisor about your condition and request a day off. This will help you calm down, relax, and relieve all the pressure.


By the time you're resuming your duties at work, you'll be more productive, healthier, and happier. This gives you more motivation and boosts your company's performance. Therefore, the option of online absence reporting can help you take a well-earned break and maintain a proper work/life balance when you feel you need one.



Online absence reporting is crucial for any organization that wants to succeed. Some advantages to employees and managers are that: it helps in planning, encouraging innovation, and reassigning tasks. Moreover, online absence reporting can act as a guide on whether to hire or fire. 


Additionally, you can use online absence reporting to inform your boss of your inability to work when you're tired or excessively stressed. If employees follow the protocol for reporting their absenteeism and the supervisors respond with understanding, there are high chances of proper coordination and the organization succeeding.

Nicholas Mushayi
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This article was written by Nicholas a Super User at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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