Hilton Employee Benefits and Perks

Hilton Employee Benefits and Perks
Last Updated: November 16, 2023

Hilton, a global company in the hospitality industry, manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts. Hilton is headquartered in Tysons, Virginia, United States. Hilton is mostly known for its attractive range of employee benefits and perks. These includes benefits that cover health insurance, retirement, educational opportunities, parental assistance, team member recognition, hotel discounts, and other perks. Hilton employee benefits are as attractive as they are meaningful, and the company's unique package offerings keep them competitive while maintaining a family-friendly employer-employee relationship. In this article, I will comprehensively look at the Hilton employee benefits.

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Employee Benefits and Perks

At Hilton, full-time employees become eligible for employee benefits from their first day of joining. Below are the benefits in detail.

1. Employee Discounts


Go Hilton Travel Discounts: This Hilton employee benefit is open to Hilton employees, team members, and their authorized family and friends. This makes it more affordable for workers to take a break and be guests in the chain they work for. One has to be a current team member to qualify for this Hilton employee benefit. A team member includes everyone full-time, part-time, and seasonally employed at the Hilton, as long as the group employs them and works a regular schedule. Owners club members who own 25% or more of a Hilton property also qualify for the discounts.

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Discount On Hotel Rooms: Employees may book up to two Hilton hotel rooms at a discounted rate. In addition to that, they may book up to two more rooms with the Family & Friends rate on the same night. Each room booked counts as one room night, and four rooms per stay can be booked for up to seven successive nights at a Hilton property. Annually, you can book up to 30 nights per year with a team member rate and up to 70 room nights per year with the Family & Friends rates.

Discounted Meals At Restaurants: Employees receive discounts when dining on the Hilton property. This discount gives team members a 50% discount on food, beverage, and property and is not tied to the room rate. The restaurant must, however, be under the same management as the hotel.

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hilton benefits and perks

2. Health and Welfare Benefits

Health and welfare are some of the most attractive Hilton employee benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance. The medical insurance benefit includes coverage of medical and surgical expenses of insured workers. This includes check-ups, cleaning, and dental procedures. Workers also get coverage for any eye examinations and lenses they need. Hilton's insurance benefits provide peace of mind to workers in what can be very challenging times. Knowing they are covered in these situations can give employees space to focus on their work.

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3. Retirement Benefits

Hilton offers a retirement readiness program to help employees plan for their future. This Hilton employee benefit includes a solid retirement savings plan, which allows employees to save for retirement through pre-tax contributions. Hilton also offers an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). This allows employees to purchase Hilton shares at a discounted price. This program is a great Hilton employee benefit and perks because it allows employees to invest in their future and benefit from the company's success.

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4. Educational Opportunities

Hilton offers educational opportunities to its employees through the Hilton Worldwide University. This employee benefit and perk ensures that the university offers a range of courses and programs to help employees develop their skills and advance their careers. Hilton also offers leadership programs and educational opportunities for up to,000 per employee annually. Through the Hilton Worldwide University, workers can attend college to learn more about the industry and progress in their careers.

5. Parental Assistance

Hilton provides parental assistance to its employees. Corporate employees are provided with in-house subsidized daycare for their children. This is a weight off their shoulders as it is convenient to drop off and pick up their children on the way to and from work, saving them time and money. Hilton also offers parental leave to its employees, allowing them to take time off to care for a new child or a sick family member. This Hilton employee benefit also provides adoption assistance by paying up to $10,000 in qualified adoption expenses for employees who apply to adopt.

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6. Recognition and Rewards

Hilton recognizes and rewards its employees for their hard work and dedication. The company offers recognition and reward programs, including the Team Member Appreciation Week, the Spirit of Hilton Awards, and the CEO Light & Warmth Award. These programs recognize employees who go above and beyond and demonstrate the company's values.

7. Paid Time Off

Hilton employee benefits also offer paid time off to its employees, including vacation, sick leave, and holidays. The employee's position and service length determines how much paid time off an employee can get. Hilton also offers a flexible work schedule to help the employee's work-life balance.

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In conclusion, Hilton employee benefits are designed to support employees' well-being and career development. These benefits help to create a positive work environment and foster employee engagement and loyalty. Hilton recognizes that its employees are its most valuable asset and invests in their well-being and career development. The company's unique package offerings keep them engaged and motivated, translating into exceptional guest service. Hilton is a great workplace, and its employee benefits and perks are a testament to that.

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