Ulta Employee Discounts

Ulta Employee Discounts

Ulta Beauty, one of the top beauty shops in the United States, recognizes the importance of its workers and provides various benefits to its employees.

Ulta employee discounts stand out among these benefits as a worthwhile and alluring incentive that goes above and beyond a paycheck. This article will go into the subject of Ulta employee discounts, clarifying what they offer, how it works for their employees and how they improve their overall working environment.

The extensive line of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and perfumes available at Ulta Beauty is famous. Working at Ulta beauty is considered a dream come true for staff members who are passionate about cosmetics. Ulta beauty endeavours to create career opportunities for its employees. Since 2015, they have created more than 22,000 jobs, with over 6,000 women raised into executive positions internally at a rate of 70% during the previous five years.

Ulta Beauty not only encourages its employees to pursue their passions and interests but also gives them several benefits. One key benefit contributing to this dream's attractiveness is the Ulta employee discount program.

Overview of Employee Discounts

The Ulta employee discount program allows employees to get special prices on various in-store and online products. Employees who love beauty can indulge in this advantage while saving money. Employees often receive a large discount on their purchases, making high-end cosmetic goods more accessible. However, particular discount percentages may vary. This flexibility ensures that workers may fully benefit from their perks, whether they are shopping in-person or online.

Ulta Employee Discounts

Products Included


Employee discounts at Ulta are not restricted to a particular product category. Discounts on cosmetics, skincare, haircare, fragrances, and other things are frequently available to employees. This large assortment ensures that staff members in the beauty sector may cater to their specific needs and preferences, increasing the link between them and what they represent.

Exceptional Brands

Another tempting component of Ulta's employee discounts is the addition of premium brands and merchandise. All associates receive 25% off retail goods and 50% off salon services at Ulta Beauty. These may include Ulta Beauty's brand items or joint ventures with well-known cosmetics companies. Associates stay current on the newest beauty trends and advances at a lower cost thanks to access to these exclusives.

Convenience of online shopping

ā€‹Ulta appreciates how important convenience is to customers. Staff members can explore and shop from their homes using their employee discount for online purchases. This adaptability ensures that employees, whether in-person or online customers, may fully benefit from their benefits.

Huge Savings during Special Occasions

Throughout the year, Ulta frequently holds unique events and sales campaigns. During these times, employees generally get even bigger discounts. These events provide employees with an excellent opportunity to stock up on their favourite products or discover new ones cheaply.

Ulta offers an "Employee Appreciation Discount" to its employees at specific periods of the year. This discount lasts briefly during the year, like a week. The discount is usually pegged at 20-25%, increasing the overall discount percentage to 50, which means associates can buy products at half their initial price.

Gift Sets

Employee discounts at Ulta also apply to gifts. Employees can deepen their relationships and share their passion for beauty products by utilizing their money to buy thoughtful and affordable gifts for friends and family. However, employees cannot use discounts during annual events such as Black Friday deals.

Promotion of Product Knowledge

Ulta rewards its staff by providing discounts and motivates them to learn more about the goods they are selling. Employees are more likely to utilize and understand discounted products, which could lead to more customer support and product suggestions.


Ulta employee discounts include discounts on cosmetics. These savings are a huge incentive for employees, allowing them to work in a more pleasant setting. Ulta Beauty's wide collection of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and perfumes is a dream come true for cosmetics-obsessed employees. Ulta discounts employees to encourage them to learn about their items, leading to better customer service and product recommendations.

Natasha Chimphondah
This article was written by Natasha a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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