Boost Your Business: A Comprehensive Guide to Call Tracking

Boost Your Business: A Comprehensive Guide to Call Tracking
Last Updated: November 21, 2023

Boost Your Business: A Comprehensive Guide to Call Tracking

Modern-day businesses invest heavily in their marketing campaigns. It comes as no surprise, considering how effective marketing tools are in informing customers about the products and encouraging purchases. As a business owner, you might be interested in how you can utilize marketing strategies to their best potential. One of the best ways is by using call tracking technology. 

This blog post will introduce you to phone call tracking for marketing and explain how it can help you boost your business income. Taking Phonexa call tracking software as an illustration, this article delves into how this technology works, explores various models, and guides you on key considerations when selecting software tailored to your business needs.

What Is Call Tracking?


Call tracking is a marketing tool that relies on automatic phone call tracking to collect essential data, analyze it, and make educated decisions aimed at fine-tuning your marketing efforts.

With the help of call tracking software, you can determine where your customers are coming from (traffic sources and marketing campaigns). It can help you analyze your customers’ behavior and modify how you approach them to increase conversion rates. 

How Does Call Tracking Occur?

One of the principal benefits of inbound call tracking is detailed attribution. It has a measurable impact on how you manage resource allocation and enhance campaign performance. By assigning call tracking numbers to each marketing campaign you launch, you tie customer journeys to phone calls and collect important call data. 

Imagine you are a business owner who wants to promote a new product using various channels. You add unique call tracking numbers for each marketing campaign you start. Later, you can analyze which channel generated more call traffic and more sales. In such a way, you can optimize your financial investments and understand what triggers inbound calls.

Call tracking also enables collecting: 

  • Caller phone number

  • Caller name

  • Caller location

  • Call date and time

  • Call duration

Additionally, you can track a phone call and record it for further analysis of your customer's interaction with the support team. It enables you to analyze your support reps' compliance, at what point the sale occurs, or what demotivates prospective customers. 

Call Tracking Models

You can classify call tracking models according to the attribution level. 

1. Campaign-Level Call Tracking

This type of marketing call tracking concentrates on a comprehensive customer interaction analysis with your marketing campaigns. It helps business owners understand what efforts have the most influence and generate the most engagement. For instance, you can identify traffic sources or ads that generate low- or high-quality leads. As a result, you can allocate your budget efficiently and invest in marketing initiatives that pay off. 

2. Session-Level Call Tracking

Session-level call tracking helps you analyze a single customer journey that led to conversion. It starts long before the actual call occurs. You can track what landing page or marketing campaign generated the lead, what products your customer interacted with, and how it influenced his behavior. When a phone call happens, you can use this data to personalize your interaction with a customer and send them relevant follow-ups. 

3. Visitor-Level Call Tracking

Visitor-level call tracking is believed to be one of the most efficient methods of tracking sales calls. It provides insight into a unique interaction of a specific visitor that led to a phone call. You can track what products the customer viewed, how they interacted with website content, and, what’s more — how the phone call influenced the sale process. This option is great for businesses with longer sales cycles as it tracks customer engagement long before and after the call. 

The Power Behind Call Tracking Metrics

Phone call tracking uses a variety of metrics to measure campaign success and attribute inbound calls.

Your business can benefit from the following call tracking metrics: 

Campaign-specific metrics

You can use this information to understand what type of ads or website content influences your client’s decision to buy from you. For example, you can prioritize specific advertising and marketing strategies to generate more leads.

What to focus on:

  • Ads performance

  • Trigger keywords 

  • Landing page performance

Lead-specific metrics

Segmenting your audience according to specific criteria is a powerful tool for personalization. Remember, the more tailored content you deliver to your customer, the higher your chances of conversion are.

Data to pay attention to:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Occupation

  • Educational background

  • Geographic location

  • Conversions

Call tracking metrics

This type of online call tracking happens specifically during a phone call. Though it may look like dry statistical numbers, this data helps understand a call procedure and optimize it. 

Data you can capture and leverage:

  • Date and time of a call

  • Purpose of the call

  • Call duration

  • Number of calls needed for conversion

Agent performance

Call representative’s skills and winning conversation features. This type of marketing call tracking can help you get a clear picture of what types of calls end in sales, how good your sales agents are at communicating with clients, and how to optimize your employees’ performance. 

Learn more about call center representative's duties by checking their job descriptions

How To Choose a Call Tracker App

Now that we have discussed how call tracking works, you understand it can bring numerous benefits to your business and boost your conversion rates. However, choosing a specific call tracking software can be challenging. With so many options available, you can feel confused and overwhelmed. 

Let’s discuss what factors you should consider to make an informed decision about an app that tracks calls. 

  • Software features: Ensure the software can provide you with the tools required to reach your business goals. You may need automatic call tracking, analytical dashboards, and advanced call recording options to interpret the data collected. 

What is Call Recording Software?

  • Customization opportunities: Call tracking software should adapt to each specific business's goals and marketing strategies. It would be a good call to check if the call tracker app can sustain your overall marketing plans and suit the scope of your business. 

  • Cross-platform integration: In today’s highly digitalized environment, you will likely need to integrate your call tracking software with a CRM, advertising platforms, Google Analytics, and social media platforms. Ensure the app you use for tracking phone calls can blend in with existing systems. 

  • Cost efficiency: Consider the price of the call tracker app you are planning to use. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your investments in call tracking software don’t pay off. One of the possible solutions is to start with free services. For example, many call tracking applications offer free trial periods. It can be particularly helpful for business owners unfamiliar with call tracking technology. You can compare several call tracking providers and choose the one with the optimal price/functionality ratio. 

  • Data protection: With a growing number of data leaks, you should choose a call tracking software that pays extra attention to customer data protection. We advise you to verify whether the call tracker app you choose has reliable security protocols and follows the latest data protection policies. 

  • Customer support: You never know when you will encounter technical difficulties using an app, and you don’t want to lose critical data due to a call tracker app not working correctly. That’s why you should look for software accompanied by round-the-clock customer support. Another factor to consider is whether you will contact a human representative, not a chatbot. 


Bottom Line: What Is the Best Call Tracking Software?

As discussed above, phone call tracking proved to be a powerful marketing tool that analyzes customer interactions and enhances the customer journey. You can use it to improve your business practices. Thus, you can detect what drives winning sales calls and invest in marketing strategies that prove to be effective. 

But understanding the importance of marketing call tracking is only half the battle. The real challenge is choosing the best call tracking software to improve your business operations and ensure accurate attribution. 

We can’t name only one fix-it-all call tracking solution. But we can give you a pro tip: when choosing the optimal call tracker app, consider your marketing goals, software price, security level, user-friendliness, and integration potential. 

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