Why You Need to Understand The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Why You Need to Understand The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

As an organization, why have you felt the need to have that Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page? It is because you know you need the social media presence for brand visibility. In this new decade, social media continues to prove how it is important to organizations both locally and globally. Social media marketing of products has allowed many global brands to stay on top of their game while providing their tried and tested brands to consumers. Marketing has been defined as the process of creating, communicating and delivering services of value to customers. In this article, the importance of social media marketing will be highlighted, and why your organization needs to embrace it even more.

In a survey conducted by the Deluxe Corporation, it was found that 49% of small business owners stated that their biggest challenge was reaching customers with limited resources (Small Business Trends, 2011). The main challenge many corporates are facing according to this survey is the need to attract a substantial market base. There is a heavy reliance on resources that are limited when companies can make use of social media to market their brands. With social media, organizations are accorded the opportunity to reach a wide audience, without incurring huge financial losses.


Consumers’ Sentiment towards Marketing, a factor known as CSM, is a factor used by marketers to see how consumers respond to social media marketing. Mady & Tarek (2011) define CSM as the feelings that consumers have for marketing strategies and the market place. An individual’s perception of a marketing strategy plays a huge part in whether or not they will choose to consume a product. Social media has become a place where companies source for their customers. Social media brings attention to different brands or products in a short space of time. The reasons why your brand needs that social media marketing, will be highlighted within this article, showing you why your brand needs that digital footprint.



1. Social media marketing shows your brand to the world

Social media accords you the opportunity to highlight the best practices of your organization. Before you open that social media page, you need to ask yourself, what information would be useful to your potential clients, and are you providing that information? According to Chi (2011), social media marketing is a connection between brands and consumers. To establish a connection between your brand and your consumers, including social media marketing specialists in Brisbane, or partnering with a social media marketing agency, you need to ensure that your brand is speaking to the needs of the consumers.  


Social media allows you to exhibit your skills in different ways, alongside your capacity to write staff profiles, share posts, and produce content that can inventively feature your organization’s guiding principle and the services that you provide.


2. Establishment and attraction of the target market

Social media serves a variety of purposes. You need to define how you want to use social media, and which target market you want to attract. You need to ask yourself if your business is trying to attract a specific target market that would benefit from your services. To create brands that will gain traction within the market, you need to know who you are targeting.  The advantage of using social media is that you can national, regional and international consumers. If you understand your target media, you will then be able to personalize your message to your audience, with the knowledge that they will respond positively to it. Once you have attracted your target market, you will also attract foreign business thereby growing your brand.


3. Diversity means a wider reach

When sharing your content online, you need to evaluate which platforms you need to use in sharing your content. By diversifying your content, you can maximize returns on the capital you would have invested. As a brand, you need to evaluate the different social media platforms available and select which ones are most applicable to your brand. It is pointless to depend on social media marketing when you are going to be using the wrong platforms that will not add any value to your brand.


4. Easy tracking of results

Social media enables you to track the results of your online presence, which is why it is an important tool in digital advertising. Constantly checking up on your social media statistics is a good way to evaluate whether or not you are meeting your set targets.  You can use a media monitoring tool to help you get the data you need. Trends in your social media data will enable you to see which aspects of your content need improvement, and which ones are likely to gain more traction, enabling you to also maximize on those areas.


Social media is a useful tool in the marketing of company products. The key is in finding your target market and making sure you have customized your brands to suit the needs of your consumers. Even if consumers do not end up investing in your brand, they may notice it online, and the conversation may be centered on your brand, inspiring other people to invest in it.




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Lindah Mavengere
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