Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

According to Ideal, Recruiting software is a tool used by hiring managers, talent acquisition specialists, and recruiters to streamline or automate some steps in the hiring process, including sourcing, selecting, screening, and interviewing applicants. Businesses must use all the resources to hire the best personnel given the tough competition for top talent. By advertising available positions on job boards and monitoring candidates during the hiring process, the best recruiting software for small businesses enables organizations to locate top candidates.

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Purposes of recruitment software for small businesses

Applicant tracking


This feature relates to the capability of hiring managers to effectively track each applicant's progress throughout the hiring process and help with candidate selection, evaluation, and interviewing. It gives you access to a candidate's profile page, allowing you to comment on each stage of the application process. Process automation and artificial intelligence are brought to the table by applicant tracking technologies, allowing you to screen hundreds of applicants quickly.

Assessment and screening

An adequate platform needs to provide you with a selection of assessment and screening strategies, such as pre-employment exams, video interviews, reference checks, and background checks. You should be able to reduce bias, boost diversity, and improve the quality of hires using these procedures, which should be trustworthy, legitimate, and fair.

Candidate Assessment and Evaluation

A recruiting software may be used to track and evaluate the success and outcomes of your recruitment efforts using data and insights. You should be able to customize and access detailed data and dashboards from a strong platform that displays important metrics like time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, source efficiency, candidate satisfaction, and retention rate. This enables you to monitor your hiring data and spot potential areas for process improvement.

Candidate Management

The candidate lifecycle is managed and organized by recruiters using the candidate management component of recruitment software. The functionality allows you to manage candidate data, including contact information, application materials, resumes, and other hiring needs. This makes it easier to search for and sort through individuals in the database based on various factors, including geography, talents, job application, and more.

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How do I choose recruitment software for small businesses

Because every small business is different, the software features and functionalities you need may vary based on how you manage your hiring and recruiting procedures. When selecting the best recruiting software for small businesses, the following qualities frequently prove to be particularly important:


The software should have the functions you require to simplify the hiring procedure. This includes tracking applications, posting jobs, selecting candidates, and setting up interviews.


Your small business should be able to afford the software. There are many free and low-cost options available.

Ease of use

Users of various tech levels should be able to navigate the interface easily, and quick and helpful customer service is crucial for addressing any issues and guaranteeing a positive experience.

Customer support

If you require assistance, the software vendor should have good customer service.

Customization and scalability

The software should provide specialized features that can be altered to match different hiring requirements and multiple plans that can handle various hiring needs, guaranteeing that it can expand with your company.

To help you narrow down your choices, here is a list of some of the best recruiting software for small businesses:

1. Elevatus


Elevatus is an award-winning recruitment and video interviewing software that streamlines the entire talent acquisition cycle – from creating job requisitions to onboarding new hires. Trusted by 150+ enterprise companies worldwide, it leverages AI, cutting-edge tech, and futuristic solutions. Beat the talent hunt, recruit top talent, and transform your tech stack with Elevatus. Secure a paperless recruitment process and streamline core functions for a unified recruiting powerhouse.

  • Leverage advanced AI technology for optimized candidate sourcing, screening, and selection.

  • Tailor recruitment workflows to match your organization's unique hiring processes and requirements.

  • Conduct video assessments and skill tests to evaluate candidates' suitability for specific roles.

  • Automate onboarding processes, including document collection, training modules, and task assignments.

  • Integrate seamlessly with popular platforms like Oracle, LinkedIn, and more for a unified experience.

  • Facilitate collaboration among hiring teams with shared notes, evaluations, and feedback on candidates.

  • Eliminate paperwork and ensure data privacy with secure digital signatures and file storage.

  • Gain valuable insights with comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities.

Since 2019, Elevatus has developed powerful partnerships and world-class third-party integrations with Oracle, SAP, LinkedIn, Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, Glassdoor, DocuSign, and so much more. Its virtual trophy case is overflowing with badges of appreciation, numerous accolades, and globally renowned awards. Today, Elevatus has legions of talented people in its team with a high caliber of talent that are revolutionizing the world of recruitment – one AI solution at a time. 

2. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based recruiting software with a wide range of customizable features that simplifies recruitment. It offers a powerful applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) system in a single platform. Small businesses can use it to streamline and automate their hiring procedures. You may use the platform to disseminate job postings to more than 75 online job boards with a single click. Multiple job posts, social recruiting, recruitment management, AI support, applicant matching, smart search, a candidate site, and email marketing are among the key features of Zoho Recruit. It supports integration with social networking sites (e.g. LinkedIn) and commonly used applications such as Outlook and Google Apps.

Pros of using Zoho Recruit

  • It is very easy to work, and it has an open API.
  • Free trial and free basic plan
  • Automated multi-posting
  • AI-powered candidate matching
  • Top-notch support and customer service.
  • Has a mobile application

Cons of using Zoho Recruit

  • The amount of storage available for the software in the free version can be very limiting.
  • Lack of full-time and after-hours support

3. Homerun

Homerun software is designed for small businesses that want to attract the right talent and create a positive candidate experience while streamlining their hiring workflow. Small firms with up to 250 workers who want to guarantee an orderly hiring process and a positive candidate experience while hiring as a team frequently use Homerun. You may use the program to make a unique job posting, direct candidates through the recruiting process, send automated emails and communicate with other hiring team members. Homerun offers a 15-day trial of all their plans (you can choose which version you get during the trial period). Afterwards, you need to opt for one of their pricing plans.

Pros of using Homerun

  • Very effective customer support
  • You can design a unique job posting with images and widgets to attract the attention of possible candidates.

Cons of using Homerun

  • Doesn't disclose what (if any) integrations it supports
  • Reporting and custom features need some improvement

4. Workable

Over 6,000 businesses utilize Workable software designed for the modern recruiting market and HR teams to automate hiring procedures. Founded in 2012, Workable offers an all-inclusive, user-friendly solution to automate recruitment procedures. Due to its extensive features and integrations, it is appropriate for small firms looking to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their hiring processes. Workable is one of the most popular recruiting platforms in the world, enabling you to hire the best candidates as soon as possible. It assists you in managing every step of your business, from staff sourcing to Onboarding and management. Some key Workable features include SEO-optimized job descriptions, Mobile recruiting and collaboration, AI-powered candidate recommendations, Onboarding and implementation and Application tracking system.

Pros of using Workable

  • Good interface
  • The solution centralizes resumes and interview information to help reduce time spent looking for candidate data.
  • User-centered features
  • Easy to navigate

Cons of using Workable

  • Reporting of metrics / data visualization is not as intuitive as it could be
  • Not as many features as some other ATSs
  • High price point

5. JazzHR

JazzHR provides a user-friendly applicant tracking system (ATS), enabling HR teams and small business owners to swiftly locate and hire talent nationwide. Users have commended the software for being simple to use and understand for teams of any size. This program is created to be used immediately, allowing you to get up to speed and hire the required personnel quickly. JazzHR enables you to design a customized recruiting solution that suits your needs because every organization is unique. Basic job posting and syndication start at $39/month for smaller teams and go up to the complete feature set for $309/month in a tiered pricing structure. Some key features of JazzHR include Candidate Sourcing, interviews, assessments, compliance and reporting, offers and eSignatures, employer branding, applicant tracking and collaborative hiring.

Pros of using JazzHR

  • Easy to communicate with candidates
  • Automatic notifications
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Integration with other HR software

Cons of using JazzHR

  • Limited compared to other options
  • Not a full human resources information system

6. Freshteam

Freshteam uses several methods to assist in recruiting top talent, including an easily customizable career site, integration with numerous free and premium job sites, and social media. With the software's capacity to listen to emails, you can easily identify communications from vendors or job boards and add them to your applicant database. Additionally, the HR software fully manages employee time off, employee and manager self-service for raising requests, procedures for manager approval, and time-off reports for teams and the entire company, providing a rapid glimpse into forthcoming leaves, absenteeism trends, and more. Key capabilities include bulk resume parsing, resume searching, candidate management, teamwork tools, and interview scheduling.

Pros of using Freshteam

  • Clean and simple to understand UX
  • Affordable for SMBs to use while still having a comparable feature set to more expensive solutions.

Cons of using Freshteam

  • There are several bugs which keep on occurring, showing an error
  • The reports section has advanced analytics, which is very helpful in understanding the hiring process.

7. BambooHR

BambooHR was developed as a recruiting tool for SMB hiring teams and small business owners. Although they provide various hiring and recruitment options, BambooHR focuses more on HR-related chores and features. Established in 2008, the company intends to offer simple technologies that may automate and streamline HR operations so that HR professionals can concentrate on more strategic objectives. A human resources information system (HRIS) is what the HR software is referred to as a result. It is a suitable choice for small organizations seeking a complete HR solution. BambooHR bills businesses on a quarterly or monthly subscription basis. BambooHR frequently offers businesses an excellent bargain, with software rates starting at $99 monthly for 12 employees. Each additional employee is $8.25 per month. As an organization's employee count rises, BambooHR's pricing can scale down.

Pros of using BambooHR

  • Very user-friendly HRIS with a broad range of modules, all offered a very competitive price.
  • Good user support
  • Offers an applicant tracking system that has superior functionality to comparable HRIS systems and makes the recruitment to onboarding flow easier

Cons of using BambooHR

  • Lack of live chat support
  • Some core HR features cost extra

8. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is an ideal recruitment software for small businesses. It provides several tools to simplify, improve, and lower the cost of the hiring process. All the resources you require to discover the ideal candidate are available through SmartRecruiters, including job posts, applicant monitoring, and customized candidate marketing. Additionally, it's simple to monitor and keep track of all your recruitment efforts because of its intuitive and user-friendly design. With its thorough analytics, you can easily keep track of the status of your hiring process and act swiftly on information. To manage your recruitment efforts while on the road, SmartRecruiters also provides a mobile app. Overall, SmartRecruiters is among the best recruiting software for small businesses.

Pros of using SmartRecruiters

  • Free SmartStart plan
  • Wide range of features
  • Excellent UI and UX

Cons of using SmartRecruiters

  • Non-transparent pricing for upgrade
  • Some users have reported the inability to do so many basic functions.

9. Recruitee

Founded in 2015, Recruitee has become one of the leading recruitment software, serving over 5,000 companies across 90 countries. You can quickly create job listings, track candidates, discuss and cooperate with your hiring team, and manage your recruitment pipeline with an intuitive interface. Additionally, Recruitee provides robust analytics that can be used to spot important hiring patterns and make informed choices. The software is loaded with features that might help you optimize your hiring process and simplify your employees' work. Recruitee can assist you in achieving your objectives whether you need to handle job posts, track candidates, or onboard new personnel.

Pros of using Recruitee

  • Easy to implement
  • A wide range of customization options are available to users
  • The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

Cons of using Recruitee

  • The reporting system lacks capabilities in terms of data extraction and transfer.
  • The support team is sometimes slow in responding and sometimes unable to solve issues.

10. Manatal

Manatal is a new generation of recruitment software created for internal HR departments and recruiting firms in various industries. Its cloud-based architecture and cutting-edge construction streamline the recruitment process, from sourcing to Onboarding and beyond. The software's primary purposes revolve around records and information pertaining to applicants and employees. Teams can start using Manatal's tools with little to no training because of its practical and intuitive user interface. The platform is accessible in over 200 countries and supports over 20 languages. This recruiting software can be used for application monitoring, marketing, team communication, automated resume processing and enrichment, AI-driven candidate suggestions, and more.

Pros of using Manatal

  • Candidate recommendations increase efficiency
  • Structured candidate management
  • Customizable template

Cons of using Manatal

  • It doesn't include a free plan, and extensions of the 14-day free trial are impossible.
  • There is no telephone support or local office.

Utilizing recruiting software makes it easier to post job openings, screen applicants, and keep track of their progress. With the help of the best recruiting software for small businesses, you can level up your recruiting and build the best team.

Chido Madzogo
This article was written by Chido a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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