Bank Teller Job Description

Bank Teller Job Description

The Bank Teller job description profiles the role of people who work in a Bank serving customers by processing customer deposits and withdrawals. Bank Tellers are the first contact in most banks, and how they provide the services matters to any bank that cares about its customers. Sometimes, they handle other routine administrative processes, such as doing reconciliations at the end of the day. Above all, these Bank Tellers must serve customers well to attract and retain customers.

Some estimates say there is an 80% chance that the role of Bank Teller will be replaced by artificial intelligence. While more customers make deposits and withdrawals via automated machines, the role has shifted from providing transaction-related services to offering customers more personalized customer service.

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Bank Teller job description: Overall Purpose

Provides banking services to customers by assisting customers to deposit and withdraw their money. They provide this service by offering customers a great customer experience.

Bank Teller job description: Primary Duties


• Provides banking services by facilitating customer deposits into the bank.

• Services customers by processing requests to withdraw their money.

• Sells banking products to current customers by cross-selling banking products.

• Keeps client's records up to date by updating client records whenever there are changes.

• Creates a welcoming and positive environment for customers by welcoming them into the bank. This includes addressing customers by name in a friendly manner.

• Processes customers' deposits by counting cash and coins and verifying the deposit amount against the customer's account balance.

• Processes customer withdrawals by verifying the customer's identity and checking that the amount tendered for withdrawal aligns with the customer account balances.

• Balances cash transactions by reconciling amounts withdrawn and deposits, including ensuring that all transactions processed on that day are accurate.

Ensures that all transactions processed are accounted for with nil recorded discrepancies by conducting transaction verification at the close of each day.

• Ensures that authorized people transact on each account by verifying the identity of each customer before processing any transactions.

• Address customer queries and concerns by answering customer queries.

• Helps the bank retain current clients by providing excellent and personalized customer service.

• Ensures loan payments are processed accurately and efficiently by accepting customer loan payments, verifying the payment amounts tendered, and updating their account balances accordingly.

• Processes electronic transfers for customers by verifying the required documentation before processing transactions.

• Opens new bank accounts for customers by processing all the necessary paperwork and seeking approvals.

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Bank Teller Job Description

Bank Teller job description: Educational Requirements

The Bank Teller job description lists various qualifications for incumbents to function effectively in this role. Below are some of the educational qualifications often listed in job descriptions for Bank Tellers.

• A degree may be the minimum entry requirement for some banks

• Other Banks required a diploma as a minimum requirement.

Bank Teller job description: Experience Required

Most of the candidates for the Bank Teller role are trained on the job. Despite this, some banks require some level of experience in the banking sector before a person can occupy this role. Below I list some of the experience requirements for this role.

• At least a year's experience working as a bank teller or in a role handling cash.

• Experience dealing with diverse clients will be an added advantage in this role.

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Bank Teller job description: KSAOs

Bank Teller job descriptions often list the important Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics required for a person to be successful in this role over and above the required academic qualification and listed experience.


• Knowledge of basic accounting is required to do end-of-day reconciliations.

• Knowledge of bank-related regulations such as money laundering regulations.

• Knowledge of bank-related technologies would be required to process customers' transactions using the bank's digital platforms.


• Good organizing skills are required to plan transactions that can come with pressure sometimes

• The ability to handle pressure is required, especially during peak periods.

• Excellent customer service ability is required as the incumbents interact with clients.

Good time management skills are required to pace the rate of transactions so clients do not complain.


• A high numerical ability is required to calculate accurate deposits and withdrawals, including reconciling transactions.

• Ability to use electronic calculators when verifying deposits and withdrawals

• The ability to use electronic money counters when handling cash transactions is mandatory.

• A high perceptual speed and accuracy level is required in a fast-paced environment.

Other Characteristics

• Must be able to dress professionally to enhance the image of the bank.

Working in a team environment is important as it enables them to collaborate with others in the bank in customers' interest.

• The ability to multi-task is key in this role, given that the Bank Teller must process transactions quickly while interacting with clients.


Bank Teller job description is critical for any bank that cares about providing an excellent banking experience to customers. This position requires strong communication skills, attention to detail, and handling transactions in a fast-paced environment. They should also be familiar with banking regulations, policies, cash handling, and basic accounting principles. Bank Tellers are often called upon to cross-sell bank products and services.

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