IPC Cost of living expenses report October 2019

Taurai Masunda / Posted On: 16 October 2019 / Updated On: 23 November 2022 / Analytics / 283

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IPC Cost of living expenses report October 2019

  • The income for executive levels surpasses their estimated basic living costs by $12,675 per month. With that amount left after basic living costs, they remain in the best position of their households.
  • The NEC employee does not meet a basic standard of living. The gap between the NEC employee’s income and expenditure means they will have to make some very tough choices about which basic costs of living are most essential in any month. The negative difference between income and expenditure is a clear indication that this employee is struggling.
  • Reconfigure NEC Pay Structures. Let us change from minimum wage to “Going Rate.”

DOWNLPAD THE COMPLETE REPORT USING THIS LINK: http://bit.ly/IPCCostOfLivingExpensesReport2019

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