3 Fast and Easy Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Resume

3 Fast and Easy Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Resume

Whether you have been out of the job hunting market for years, or have been grinding for a job since the day you started working, you know the importance of a good resume. However, so does everyone else, and in order to stand out in today’s job market, you need a resume that really stands out and makes an employer want to hire you immediately. 

But before you go thinking that you need to dramatically overhaul every single aspect of your resume in order to land a shot at a job or company, you don’t. Instead take a look at some of these fast and easy ways to make your resume pop, and try to give them a shot!

Use A Resume Template

In order to get started on the right foot, start looking for resume templates. If you are looking for a certain type of resume, don’t be afraid to go hunting for some templates to base your application off of.

Now it is very important to note that these templates are supposed to be a guiding point for your own creativity and your own experiences, and you don’t just want to fill the template out with cookie cutter responses and buzzwords. Companies and employers know all the low effort tricks, they see thousands of those applications a day, and they often put those applications right in the trash bin. 

There are literally thousands of free and customizable resume templates online that you can use for every type of industry and tone under the sun, so don’t be afraid to use them.


Be Specific

One of the things that any employer likes is to have a resume that makes hiring easy. Because they are busy, they don’t want to read a generic resume and then call someone for an interview in the hope that you might be the person they are looking for. Instead, they want to read a resume, instantly fall in love with the person behind it, and get excited for an interview.

One of the best ways to invoke this feeling in an employer is to have your resume be specific and relevant to the job at hand. If you have experience in the career or field you are applying in, lead with that. Talk about the skills you learned, the jobs you worked, and the connections you made.

All of these specific points are going to answer the question of how you can best help the company do the job that you are applying for, and that will get potential employers excited.

Show Off A Bit Of Personality

While a good job interview is the place to put your best foot forward, don’t be afraid to allow your resume to show off a bit of your personality. Write it with your own tone and voice, and if you are excited about the job you will be working at, don’t be afraid to show that off.

While you don’t want to go overboard and turn your resume into an unprofessional mess, showing a bit of who you are and what you bring to the job can be helpful in making your work stand out.

You can also show off your personality in your cover letter as well when you turn the resume in, as a good cover letter can really compliment what you are offering. There are plenty of quick and easy tips to turn a simple resume into an amazing one in no time at all for sure, and if you start putting all of these into practice, you should start seeing results.

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