Why Stress Should Be Taken Seriously in the Workplace

18/05/2021 1:58 PM


Stress is a serious issue that is often taken too lightly. According to the World Health Organisation (2019), stress has become the Health Epidemic of the 21st Century. There are times when it is good, for example, when you need to perform a solo activity in front of a crowd and the nerves force you to overcome your fears. In this paper, that is not the focus. The focus is on the stress that eats at you and may become chronic over time. Close attention will be paid to the stress caused in the workplace and how this can be dealt with by the individual and other surrounding groups of people.


To have a better understanding of the discussion at hand, it is important to understand what is meant by stress. Stress is defined by Lazarus (1966) as when individuals perceive that they cannot adequately cope with the demands being made on them or with demands being made on them or with threats to their well-being.


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