Openness To Experience Whitepaper

21/12/2021 1:57 PM

What exactly does open-minded imply? Is it true that some people think more broadly and process information in broader ways than others? Experiments in personality psychology demonstrate that open-minded persons receive information differently than the average person and may physically perceive the world differently (Smillie, 2017). Openness to experience, or simply openness, is the personality quality that most reflects the general understanding of open-mindedness (Smillie, 2017). People who are open to new ideas are more likely to be intellectually curious, creative, and innovative


They enjoy art and are enthusiastic consumers of music, books, and other cultural products. They also have liberal political views. Openness, according to personality theorists, displays a larger breadth, depth, and permeability of consciousness as well as a proclivity to cognitively examine both abstract (ideas and arguments) and sensory information (sights and sounds). In other words, open people engage with the different percepts, patterns, and views that compete for mental space—information is like catnip to their brain.


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