Lockdown Survey Report

24/09/2020 2:46 AM

The survey aimed to find out how employees are coping during the lockdown period. A lockdown is a protocol that usually prevents people from moving around in times of an emergency. More than a third of the world`s population right now is under some form of a government-initiated restriction as a measure to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. Due to this lockdown, most companies where possible have resorted to remote working, while others have resorted to various forms of leave to cater for those who cannot work from home.

This survey was conducted via an online survey tool called Survey Monkey. The survey instrument had a total of 27 questions. Participants were not randomly selected therefore results cannot be generalized. Responses reflect how employees are coping with the lockdown and how they have adjusted given the lockdown environment.


A total of 604 people participated in this survey. Of the respondents, 58.11% were males and 41.89% were females. Participants had an average age of 39.5%.


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