Employee handbook: Complete Guide

21/12/2021 9:30 AM

Employee handbook

The company and the employee can benefit from an employee handbook as a communication tool. In a textual format, it provides direction and information about the organizations history, mission, values, policies, processes, and benefits. Its also seen as a way for employers to defend themselves against discrimination or unfair treatment charges. Its a quick reference guide to the companys rules and procedures, as well as an outline of managements expectations. On the other hand, a policy is a written declaration that expresses the employers goals and objectives for various employee activities and employment-related issues.


Employers should require every employee to sign a written acknowledgement that they have received the handbook. As a way for the business to prove that the employee was made aware of the policies, the acknowledgement should be saved in the employees personnel file. The handbook should not be considered an employment contract, as this could influence the employment-at-will status. It is critical to have legal counsel review the guidebook.


An employee handbook is a collection of regulations, procedures, working conditions, and behavioural standards that govern employee behaviour in a specific business.


Employee handbooks typically contain company information, a welcome letter from the president or CEO, the companys mission, vision, purpose, values, and broad strategic goals, the companys commitment to employees, and various non-compete, non-disclosure, and employee confidentiality agreements, if the company employs them.


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