USD Salaries Payment Practices Report [July 2022]

22/07/2022 9:28 AM


The report shares the practices around paying salaries in Zimbabwe between the USD and the ZWL component. 



 We used the following methodology in undertaking this assignment: 


1. Market survey (using the online survey platform to find out about the USD Salaries payment practices. 

2. Preparation and submission of findings report. 


Summary of Key Findings 

  • 83% of the surveyed organizations pay a certain percentage of the salary in USD. This is a (13%) increase from the March 2022 survey.  
  • NGO, Mining, and Transport & Logistics sectors pay salaries largely in USD. 
  • A large percentage of top management is paid largely in USD.  
  • Many organizations are receiving USD local sales enabling them to pay staff in US dollars.  
  • The highest staff cost to income/revenue is in the following sectors: Transport & Logistics, Banking, and Telecommunications.
  • See our conclusions for insights and implications of these findings.  


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