USD Remuneration Policy in Zimbabwe

06/01/2021 2:05 PM


This report is on a survey that was carried out by IPC Pvt Ltd to find out the USD remuneration policies and practices in Zimbabwe. The survey was carried out in November 2020 and 82 organisation representatives responded from 18 different sectors. The organisational representatives were mainly HR Professionals.



A questionnaire with a total of 6 questions was designed and then distributed via email through an online platform called survey monkey. Data obtained was then analysed.



The number of respondents for some sectors was just one therefore the results could not be regarded as a representative sample for some particular sectors.


Summary and Key Findings

  • 56% of all responding organisations are paying either full or in part USD salary.
  • 40% of the responding organisations that are paying USD to their staff pay them 100% of the salary in USD.
  • 60% pay part of the salary as USD from 25% to 75% of the total salary.
  • 40% of all the responding organisations have a retention allowance linked to USD.
  • 1% of responding organisations pay USD salary on a condition of USD revenue generated.
  • 3% of the responding organisations are considering the risk of the pandemic and are paying a USD allowance to their staff.


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