The state of Zimbabwean Corporate Leadership Survey

24/09/2020 2:46 AM


Industrial Psychology Consultants has carried out a survey to evaluate the state of corporate leadership in Zimbabwe. The aim of the survey was to gauge how employees generally evaluate the quality of leadership in organisations. Two hundred and twenty-seven (227) participants across all sectors responded to this survey.


Key Findings

  1. 68.3% of the Participants have confidence in the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer or Managing director.
  2. 59.04% have confidence in the leadership of the senior executives/managers.
  3. The majority of participants (53.1%) indicated that they have confidence in the leadership provided by their Board.
  4. On the competencies assessed leaders were rated highly on putting customers first
  5. Respondents cited poor corporate governance and top-heavy structures as the two biggest obstacles constraining the sucecss of the organisation.
  6. The CEO/MD were rated highly on Business Acumen {makes profitable business decisions}.
  7. The Board was rated highly on Strategic Planning Review
  8. The results from this survey indicate that on average 40% of the employees are not confident in the leadership in their organisations. However, some dimensions were rated positively.
  9. For Board members, focussing on relevant matters, overseeing major transactions, holding strategic planning reviews, as well as, CEO Management & Succession Planning were found to drive confidence in employees.


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