HR Digitalisation Survey October 2021

11/10/2021 6:37 PM

Summary of Key Findings

  • 67% of all participating organisations from the 20 industrial sectors have no HR Software.
  • 58% of the participating organisations have started data analysis as part of their HR analysis.
  • 88% of all the participating organisations have no HR analytics role in the HR departments.
  • The highest rate of digitalisation is in the payroll management systems (68% of the participating organisations are fully digitalised).
  • The lowest rate of digitalisation is in the Industrial relations management systems (4% only fully digitalised).
  • 100% of the Agro-processing sector participants use manual systems for training and development.
  • 23% of the participants have the three systems; Employee Self Serice, E-Recruitment Platform and E-Learning Platform.
  • The major challenges in HR digitalisation have been funding the processes and getting buy-in from the senior leaders.

Click below to download the full research paper.


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