Employee confidence survey report Q3 - October 2021

19/10/2021 1:27 PM

Zimbabwes Economy is Set for Recovery, but Key Risks Remain

The World Bank 2021

With the economy being predicted to be on a path of improvement, we sought to find out the general opinion of Zimbabweans regarding employment opportunities-related issues. As with our custom, at Industrial Psychology Consultants(Pvt), we carried research to find out. The report details our findings.


Summary of key findings 

  • The overall employee confidence index is 45%.
  • The economic confidence index is 27%.
  • The job security confidence index is 36%
  • The employers future confidence Index is 55%
  • The confidence of getting a new job in Zimbabwe is 60%
  • The 36-45 Years age group has the highest overall confidence index of 65% compared to all other age groups
  • Males have a higher overall confidence index than females, 56% against 49%.
  • The senior management group has the highest overall employee confidence index of 67% compared to all other job levels.
  • The research showed that the employee confidence index does not vary according to marital status.
  • The cost of living issue is the primary stress concern for employees, with 23% of the participants indicating it as their major issue causing them stress.
  • 43% of the participants indicated that they are struggling with their financial situation, with only 15% indicating that they are happy with their financial situation.
  • 29% of the participants indicated that they were not paid on time at some point this year.
  • 56% of the participants do not have any form of savings.
  • 47% of the 36-45 years age group are in debt.
  • The majority of the participants that are in debt have a mortgage.
  • The majority of participants have debts costing them between 30-40% of their monthly income.


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