10 Signs You Are The Boss' Favorite Employee Whitepaper

16/12/2021 9:04 AM


When people in positions of power show signs of bias at work, it can cause havoc. A manager who favors their employees sends the incorrect message. People may assume that hard, honest labor does not pay since, to advance within the organization, a worker must appeal to a managers whim rather than focus on their performance.


Favoritism is bad for business, and knowing how to see the indications may help both employees and bosses set the correct expectations. However, there is some evidence that leaders have favorites and treat them differently from the other employees.


According to a survey of 303 U.S. executives, more than half (56%) of executives admitted to having a favorite employee when making internal promotion decisions, and 96% of them advised they will promote their favorites over the candidates abilities, which may be critical for the position under consideration.


People are compelled to prefer or favor someone over others as basic human nature. As a result, there should be many aspects that decide how fond of someone we are or how much we admire their abilities.


Favoritism is alive and well in any workplace, and humans, despite their best intentions and efforts, tend to favor certain individuals. This can be seen in subtle indicators or, on rare occasions, in rather unmistakable ways by select employers. In this white paper, we have outlined signs for one to identify that they are their boss' favorite.


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