Unleash the Exciting Features and Functions of CapCut for Online Photo Editing

Unleash the Exciting Features and Functions of CapCut for Online Photo Editing

Due to the huge competition of online editors, it has become difficult to choose a particular one. For an ordinary person without any core knowledge of such editors, this decision becomes even more difficult about which one to choose. So, this article helps you decide the best among all editors which is not only available online but also free to use. Yes, it is the CapCut online photo editor which comes with many impressive photo/video editing features e.g. Image Upscaler, online video compressor, etc. However, let’s focus on evaluating this incredible online editor here by figuring out how it helps in creating dramatic photos. 

Features & Functions of CapCut Online Photo Editor

No other online editor brings as many exciting features and functions as CapCut’s online photo editor. Even if some of them come with exciting features, most of them would be paid for or only for premium users. In contrast, all the features and functions of CapCut are free to use without any payment requirements or subscription. Let’s have a look at which exciting features and functions it brings for you. 

  • Background Remover


The most exciting thing is that this online photo editor brings an online AI-based one-click background removal feature. You will just need to upload a photo and click on the background remove button to get this job. There are no complex or lengthy steps involved in it. 

  • Background Generator

At the same time, you can also generate a new background for your photos after removing the actual one. Setting the new background for your photos here is also as simple and quick as removing the background. 

  • Color Optimization

This editor also allows you to optimize your photo’s colors by generating matching color palettes. From these matching color palettes, you can click on any one of them to set them as the color theme for your photo. 

  • Tons of Themes

Here you will also find a great variety of beautiful themes and templates for your photos. Especially, these themes and templates play a crucial role in giving the most professional touch to your photos. You can browse through thousands of personal and commercial templates and themes here for any purpose. 

  • Shapes, Stickers, Frames, and Filters

It is also enriched with lots of shapes, stickers, frames, and filters to create a distinctive look for your photos. The best thing is that all of these elements are free to use without any copyright issues. 

  • Text Effects

On CapCut’s online photo editor, you will find tons of text effects with trendy texts to add to your photos. It will give you suggestions about what texts are the most trending and what people are using in their photos. 

  • Photo Color Corrector

You can also color-correct your dull and poor visual photos here by using CapCut’s one-click photo color corrector. All those images that fail to get the right colors due to any issue e.g. poor focus, dim light capture, etc., can be fixed through this tool. 

  • Portrait Generator

Similarly, you can also create an amazing variety of beautiful portraits here in the top trending styles. For example, look at the photo below to see how beautifully this editor converted it to the portrait. 

  • Image Upscaler

You can also upscale your photos to higher resolution using this editor without compromising on your photo’s quality and graphics. 

  • Photo Resize

Here are several pre-defined photo resizing options i.e. for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, FaceBook, etc. You can either choose anyone of these are custom define a size for your photo. 

  • Free Cloud Storage

Last but not least, you can also save your photos after making edits to them to CapCut’s online Cloud Storage. Hence, these memories are saved and synchronized here for a lifetime so that you can access and use them anytime you want. 

How To Use CapCut Online Photo Editor?

Here are the steps to use this online editor to transform your photos any time for free. 

  • Step 1: Sign up

If you don’t have an account on creative suite, create one by visiting CapCut’s online website www.capcut.com. After the free signup, log into your account and navigate to the online photo editor. 

  • Step 2: Upload

Upload your photo to the editor or choose one from the sample photos. 

  • Step 3: Customize

Make impressively inspiring customizations to your photos using the editor’s features discussed above. 

  • Step 4: Save

Once you’re done, save your photo to your device through the export button. 


To edit and transform your photos like a professional, there is no better tool than the CapCut online photo editor. You can use it to transform your photo for free and without worrying about having any photo editing skills. So, take benefit of this incredibly impressive, fully featured, and free-to-use editor to transform your photos today!

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This article was written by Editorial a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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