Top 15 Fun Friday Games and Ideas for Your Employees

Top 15 Fun Friday Games and Ideas for Your Employees
Last Updated: February 12, 2024

For any firm, it is imperative to establish a healthy work atmosphere and raise employee morale. You can integrate fun activities throughout the workweek. Because Friday is the last day before the weekend, it's the ideal time to get staff members involved in fun games and activities.

As a team, having fun will also facilitate greater communication. Higher outcomes will be obtained from a workplace where employees may enjoy themselves and feel stress-free without sacrificing productivity, as opposed to one where there is work and no enjoyment. It also improves your corporate culture as a strategy for employee engagement.

Below Are the Top 15 Fun Friday Games and Ideas for Your Employees;

1. Office Scavenger Hunt


One of the best enjoyable Friday workplace activities for motivating employees to participate and work together is a scavenger hunt. Teams compete to finish the hunt by looking for objects or hints throughout the office. It's a fantastic approach to starting a conversation and inspiring staff members to take an enjoyable look around the office.

Required Number of Players: Teams of 4 to 5 members

Materials Required: Scavenger hunt list, pens, paper, clues, trophies

Time Limit: 30-60 minutes

How to Play?

  • Assign participants to groups of four to five people.

  • Offer each team a list of things they need to gather or things they need to do.

  • Decide on a 30- to 60-minute time restriction for the treasure search.

  • As teams complete tasks, they uncover the clue leading to the next award.

  • The group that finds the most objects or completes the most tasks in the allotted time wins.

2. Charades

This fun Friday game is a time-tested, traditional way to strengthen relationships. You'll love acting out and speculating on this game's phrases, songs, and movie titles. Workdays become enjoyable with charades, transforming your office into a dramatic set where you may unleash your inner Steve Carell or Jim Carrey!

Required Number of Players: 10

How to Play?

  • Choose a participant from one squad to discreetly perform the assigned song or movie title with gestures and body language.

  • Within a set time, the player's team attempts to guess the right movie title, song title, or phrase.

  • The team scores a point if they can guess the answer correctly; if not, the other team wins.

  • The team with the highest total points wins as long as turns are taken.

Consider adding your office twists by substituting workplace vernacular such as "PowerPoint Presentation, Annual Performance Review, and SWOT Analysis" for movie titles rather than using song titles or movie names.

3. Never Have I Ever

Have you ever questioned whether the people you work with are more than just suits and ties? "Never Have I Ever" steps in to save the day! It's a game where you might learn unexpected and humorous things about someone you thought you knew well. It's also the key to fostering camaraderie and teamwork at work.

Required number of players: Minimum 3 players

How to Play?

  • Every participant begins with ten fingers extended.

  • Participants alternately state something they have never done, such as, "I've never attended a virtual meeting while wearing pajamas," which I'm sure we've all done.

  • They put a finger down if they have done the actions above. Whoever is left holding their finger up wins.

4. Office Olympics

A lively and entertaining exercise that can foster camaraderie and let off steam among your staff is Office Olympics. Here's how to configure it:

  • Select a game: Play one of the many office-friendly activities, such as paperclip javelin, desk chair races, or mini-basketball.

  • Create teams: Assign your staff members to groups of four to six. Make sure you rotate the teams so that each person can collaborate with various people.

  • Arrange your games: Arrange your games throughout the workplace. Marking the boundaries of each game with tape or markers is an option.

  • Launch the competition: Assign each team to a distinct game station after everything is ready. Each game will be played for a certain period (five to ten minutes), after which they will switch to the next one. Once every team has finished a game, record the score.

  • Choose a winner: After every game is completed, add up the points and give a gift to the team that wins. This might be anything, such as a little trophy, a gift card, or a complimentary lunch.

Remember that Office Olympics's purpose is to encourage interaction and enjoyment among staff members. Make careful to promote sportsmanship and pleasant rivalry.

5. Pizza Party

A traditional office celebration for fun on Friday is a pizza party. It may be a terrific opportunity for staff members to decompress after a demanding workweek, connect with coworkers over their love of pizza, and foster a healthy work environment. You can ask your staff to bring in their homemade pizzas or order a selection from a nearby pizzeria. You may also organize a pizza-making competition for staff members to add participatory elements to the celebration. Another entertaining concept is a blind-tasting test to see who can distinguish between various pizza toppings and flavors. 

6. Trivia Challenge

Hosting a trivia competition is one of the best ways to foster connections based on shared interests. To create a memorable trivia challenge for your fun Friday, follow the guidelines below:

  • Choose your categories: The first step is to choose the categories for your trivia challenge questions. Make sure the selection appeals to and entertains the members of your staff. Be it sports, history, or reality television.

  • Write your questions: The next step is to compile a list of inquiries for each area. These need to be difficult but not unachievable!

  • Form your groups: Sort your staff into groups of four to six individuals. Teams can be switched around so that each person can collaborate with various others.

  • To begin the game, ask each team to choose a captain who will respond to the questions. The other team members must decide on the ultimate response, even if the captain can consult with them. Allocate a set amount of time (e.g., thirty seconds) to each team to answer the questions.

  • Maintain score: After every question, disclose the response and provide points to the team with the right response. Record the score on paper or a whiteboard.

  • Declare the victor: Once every question has been asked, total the points and present a prize to the winning team. This might be anything, such as a little trophy, a gift card, or a complimentary lunch.

7. Minute to Win It

Time to Win in Minutes: this thrilling and enjoyable game will liven up your fun Friday. The object of the game is to finish a set of tasks in one minute or less. These tasks could be blowing up balloons or stacking cups. To make the game more exciting, you may assign prizes to the winners or put together teams of employees to compete against one another. You can tailor the challenges to your employees' hobbies or skill levels. This could entail adding products or difficulties unique to the sector that call for creativity or problem-solving.

8. Guess the Desk Challenge

Ever wonder what details are revealed about a coworker by looking at their desk? Our desks reveal much about our personalities, passions, and eccentricities like our tiny houses do. Objects on a desk convey a narrative, ranging from action figurines to potpourris.

You may learn more about your coworkers than just their appearance by participating in the "Guess the Desk" Challenge. Discovering unexpected information about your teammates through games might help you bond and build team spirit.

Required Number of Participants: Everyone in the office.

Materials required: A camera or a smartphone.

Time Limit: 60 minutes

How to Play?

  • Take pictures of each workstation.

  • Gather the pictures, sort them, and then use a shared device to show them.

  •  Assign the task of guessing the desk owner to each employee in turn.

  • The winner is the one who made the most accurate guesses.

9. Movie Day

Organizing a movie day for the team is a simple and efficient method to give them a break. First, pick a well-known film or television program you believe your group will love. Casting votes is the most effective approach to discovering what everyone wants to see. Next, decide which workplace space will allow you to set up the screen. Make sure that the projector and sound system are operational. It is advisable to test everything in advance to prevent any technological problems. Finally, provide your staff with various delectable goodies to munch on as they watch the film, like popcorn, chips, and carbonated drinks. After everything is ready, hit play to start. Allow your group to unwind, sit back, and take in the performance.

10 Praise wall

The goal of this exercise is to spread good vibrations. Workers are urged to post a thank-you message on the praise wall. Either on Fridays or during the week, it can be completed. Additionally, they can provide gifts to those they like.

Duration: Till everyone feels appreciated.

How to play: Provide staff with sticky notes, sketch pens, and a wall that can be adorned for them to write notes on.

11. Potluck

Great talks occur over a plate full of delectable food, just as good chats occur over coffee! Organizing a potluck, where guests bring their favorite dish and enjoy a lavish meal at a full table, is another excellent way to spark peer conversation. This is a beautiful opportunity to honor all of the institution's accomplishments, big or small.

No of players: No limit

Duration: A 30-minute lunch break is not enough. Maybe 1.5 hours?

How to play: The potluck may center around a theme, such as colors, regional or global cuisines, or both.

12. ✅ Three Truths And A Lie 🚫

 This game has only become better over time, much like a good wine! In essence, there are three truths and one lie in the game.

How to play:

Every participant speaks four sentences aloud about themselves. Three of these must be true, and one must be untrue. It is up to the surviving players to guess the untruth.‍

Tip: You can make your lies or truths odd, fascinating, or quirky. You may assert, "I've never lied and taken a vacation."

The number of participants:  Any number

Time: Between 30 minutes to an hour.

Outcome: It's a fantastic way to start a conversation and is also beneficial for enjoyable interactions, improved communication, and getting to know someone.

13. Treasure Hunt

Hide clues across the play area or the office to create a treasure hunt. Multiple leads will culminate in a significant reward via the last lead. This group exercise gets exciting as the group works together to solve clues under a timer.

‍No of players: 5 to 10 per group

How to play:  All hints should be hidden except the first one. Teams should receive the first clue at the same time; then they should look for other clues to locate the treasure.

14. Cooking Challenge

Offering your staff a cooking challenge can be a fun approach to promote teamwork and camaraderie. Workers should be divided into teams and pitted against each other to produce the finest dish using a certain theme or combination of elements. The task may be completed in the workplace, neighboring eatery, or kitchen. Teams have a specific time to develop and produce their food; presentation, flavor, and inventiveness should be the main criteria used to evaluate them. 

A good approach to showcase everyone's culinary skills is through cooking competitions. They are also an excellent way to encourage staff members to work together.

15. Karaoke 

This Friday's fun pastime has Japanese roots. The phrase "karaoke" combines the words "oke," which means orchestra, and "kara," which means empty. Otherwise, it simply means "empty orchestra" or "singing without music." You may relax, connect with coworkers, and create memories with karaoke. You start to groove and start singing along to the tunes you grew up with. Here, foolishness and silliness serve as a unifying force.

Put on your microphone, start singing about your challenges, and watch the weekend's excitement happen.

Required Number of Participants: The more people, the more fun.

Materials Required: Microphone, Speaker System, Song Catalog, Display Screen.

Time Limit: Duration of a chosen song

How to Play?

  • Organize your colleagues and put together the karaoke equipment.

  • Select your top songs from the music library.

  • Take the mic individually and rock out like a real rock star.

Organizing karaoke for your staff on Fun Friday is an exciting and enjoyable approach to fostering camaraderie and a pleasant work environment. In addition to being a fantastic way to reduce stress, karaoke may also boost self-esteem and improve communication skills. Permit your staff to perform their favorite songs in groups or alone. They can perform live, encouraging the growth of relationships amongst colleagues.


Adding enjoyable Friday activities and ideas to the office may greatly improve morale, increase employee engagement, and create a happy work atmosphere. Organizations can create a more productive and happy workplace by implementing these ideas and giving staff members chances to unwind, socialize, and enjoy themselves.

Remember that modifying these activities to your employees' tastes and interests is critical. Ask for feedback and suggestions regularly to ensure the concepts and games keep your staff interested and engaged.

Investing in Friday games and activities that promote employee involvement can help employers foster a sense of camaraderie, lower stress levels, boost motivation, and ultimately enhance overall job satisfaction.

Ashleigh Masiko
This article was written by Ashleigh a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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