Tips To Assess the Productivity of Your Team

Tips To Assess the Productivity of Your Team

It seems simple.

You have a team in the workplace, and the only way to measure their productivity is to look at their output at the end of the day, the week, or the month.

This is not the case at all, and in 2023, there will be more collaborative ways for managers or supervisors to assess and review how their team members are performing. 

So, here, you can read about some top tips to evaluate the productivity of your team. Enjoy!

Be Open

One way you can assess the productivity of your team is to foster a culture of open communication. You should encourage your team members to provide feedback on how they are doing, any challenges they are facing, and potential improvements that they may feel they need to make or other team members may need to make. You should also seek to conduct regular one-to-one meetings because when team members feel more comfortable, it becomes easier for you to identify when there may be issues with productivity.

This is more important if you are offering remote working or you are engaged in co-working from a website like, as remote working or co-working does not offer the same interaction that you would get in a standard office. So, aim to be as open as possible!

Set Goals


You need to establish specific time goals for your team, which, as mentioned before, will be more important if they are remote working. These goals should align with the overall objectives of any projects and the organization that you and they are a part of. Having clearly set targets will allow you to assess performances and look for areas of improvement within your team with ease.

Monitor Performance

Another thing you will need to look into is tracking the performance of team members and the team you are overseeing in real time. To help you with this, it can be worth looking into key performance indicators that align with the goals of the team. For instance, if they have to get a set of articles completed by a set time, this could be used to assess their performance as well as their completion rates. Assessing individual and collective performance can provide you and other managers with insights into who is excelling and showcase where another individual may be struggling.

Utilize Productivity Tools

In a similar vein, you should also leverage technology in productivity tools. There is project management software, task tracking applications, and communication platforms, such as WhatsApp, that can help you and your team to stay organized and in touch.

Book Performance Evaluations

Lastly, you should aim to be conducting regular performance evaluations, as this will allow you to assess individual contributions and your overall team's performance. Of course, it can be tempting to be a bit judgmental, but you should aim to provide constructive feedback and recognize outstanding achievements that certain members of your team have made. You should also ask them for feedback and any areas where they believe improvements could be made in your role as their boss. This creates a culture of accountability and continuous improvement, as well as upping productivity levels via those all-important communication channels!

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