The Power of Freestanding Light Boxes at Trade Shows

The Power of Freestanding Light Boxes at Trade Shows
Last Updated: October 30, 2023

Freestanding light boxes have become a popular outdoor advertising tool, and for good reason. These graphics are either edge- or backlit and then encased in a box. The light boxes create a dynamic visual effect around your exhibition booth.

Many companies are turning to this form of advertising during exhibitions and tradeshows. This is because light boxes have the power to enhance your advertisement, as we shall discuss below.

They Maximize Your Brand Awareness

It is natural to be attracted to vivid colors and bright lights. We tend to remember them long after we have left the signboard. Light boxes illuminate graphics from underneath or behind them, making them stand out to anyone looking around.

The eye candy advertisements appear sharper and maximize visual impact. This can help increase brand awareness, especially at trade shows where there are many companies selling nearly the same product. It stands out in a noisy environment and increases the likelihood that customers will recall the brand the next time they have a need.

They are Flexible


Light boxes can also be made into thin, sleek designs. Therefore, you can use them with any type of graphic. Since most companies lease a small space for exhibitions, they need a small signboard to create room for other items. In such cases, light boxes are a perfect choice.

It is also easy to customize the framework as per the brand's needs or the goals of the exhibition. You can do this every time a new exhibition crops up. You have a free hand in choosing the color, frame design, and creative art. Take up the golden chance to tell your brand story in the best way possible.

They are Cost-Effective

In spite of being highly customizable, they are surprisingly cost-effective. First, you can keep changing the top fabric according to your changing needs. This is cheaper than buying an entire signboard every time you need to display something different. Second, they are highly durable. You will use it repeatedly and still look good.

Third, if you go for fluorescent light, you still have over 15,000 hours to show your brand. On the other hand, LED lights have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. By the time the lamps require changing, you will have made enough cash to buy new ones.

They Enhance Brand Differentiation

In an exhibition, there are so many similar products that it is easy to stay unnoticed. With the use of freestanding light boxes, you can show the unique aspects of your products. This helps draw attention to the strengths of your brand and increases your sales volumes.

Since they are fully customizable, you can add as much detail as you wish without a problem. You can also have more than one light box if you seek to promote different products and meet your goals.

Increases Foot Traffic

You need attendees to visit you in person at your booth. Here, they are able to see other products, ask questions about your products, leave their contact information, and make orders.

Having an eye-catching display is a sure way to bring your target audience to your booth. Just ensure you have placed it in a strategic location where people can see it from afar. Also, use catchy graphics and marketing messages to enlist interest among the target customers.

Easy Setup and Install

Freestanding displays offer some form of ‘plug and play’ functionality. You just need to determine where to place one and then connect it to a power source. You do not need to look for places to hang them or use huge installation structures.

They are versatile marketing pieces that you can carry with ease to your next trade show and enjoy their fruits. They surpass any other type of display for their simplicity and ease of use.

They are Aesthetically Pleasing

Apart from enhancing brand awareness, light box displays are also aesthetically pleasing. You can use them to add some style to your stand at the trade show. The bright colors and quality illumination create a visually attractive effect that will definitely get noticed by your foot traffic. Consider using high-quality graphics so that you have a good-looking light box that visitors will love looking at.

You should actively look for ways to make your stand aesthetically appealing. Quality freestanding light box advertising is one way to do this.

Consider a Display Box for Your Next Exhibition

Consider a freestanding light box for your exhibitions. They shout your message to everyone who can see it. You can use them to promote the main brand, products, or specific features that the business wants to market.

You can customize the light box to your liking. As it is freestanding, you just need to place it where it can be seen clearly. You can use them regularly over a long period without significant damage.

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