The Impact of UX Design on Business Outcomes

The Impact of UX Design on Business Outcomes

When done right, the impact of user experience (UX) design extends to your bottom line. These include cash flow, revenue, scalability, and long-term growth. Further, you can sustain its advantages when you work with an expert UX design agency. But what are its benefits? This article shares them below:

1. Good UX Helps You Acquire Customers

Marketing strategies have different faces and goals. They can range from increasing brand awareness to increasing revenues. However, deep down, they have a unifying objective: acquiring customers. After all, without them, you do not have a business to run!

How can you use UX design to attract leads and bring them down deeper into the sales funnel so that they are ready for conversion?

With the help of a UI UX design agency in London, you can achieve the following:

  • Set a good first impression. Although judging a book by its cover is never ideal, most people do. Online, that cover is your website or landing page. If they have an incredible experience during their visit, they will likely hang around longer or drop by again. Either way, it gives you more chances of converting them.

  • Effectively communicate your brand. How do you stand out from the crowd or encourage your audience to notice you? By making your business relatable and understandable to them. You can use UX design to deliver a clear message, value proposition, and unique selling point. For instance, you can organize content logically and easily digestibly. You can also make them more accessible.

  • Reduce friction. In 2022, the abandonment rate across industries ranged from 50% to a whopping 98%. Granted, many factors force would-be buyers to discontinue the transaction. Most, however, have something to do with website design. They may have to fill out many forms or cannot find the right buttons. You can significantly decrease these barriers and, in turn, increase conversion with a well-executed UX design.

  • Personalize the experience. We know we are not the only customer when we enter a store. But we still want to be treated as if we are. It's the same thing online. Good UX helps provide a customized individual experience, allowing customers to make smarter decisions with custom recommendations and information.

  • Tackle customer pain points. Customers often have frustrations when using a website or app, leading to decreased conversions and sales. UX design helps identify customers’ problems and develop solutions to smooth the navigation process. This may include improving how content is laid out, simplifying menus, or autocompleting search terms to make the process faster for customers.

2. It Also Improves Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers is good, but do you know which is better? Keeping them around.

There’s a good reason why customer retention also translates to customer success: it supports business growth. In various studies compiled by HubSpot:

  • It is over five times more expensive to find a new customer than retain an existing one. (One explanation is that loyal clients are likelier to have a shorter sales cycle, which means you spend less on marketing.)

  • Increasing your customer retention by a mere 5% can already boost your returns by as much as 95%.

  • Loyal customers also generate more revenue. Besides getting repeat orders, they are highly receptive to cross-selling and upgrades.

  • With proper nurturing, these people can become effective brand advocates.


Certainly, it takes more than a good UX design to promote customer loyalty. But it supports your efforts in the following ways:

  • A UI UX design agency in London can create a seamless, consistent UX experience. For example, you can let them store their information, so they don’t need to fill out the same form whenever they use a desktop or mobile device.

  • It strives to meet customer expectations continuously. A reliable web design plan includes researching, testing, and iterating based on user feedback. All these are essential in guaranteeing that your pages and their features can continue to address your target audience's needs, preferences, and expectations.

  • It builds a consistent brand. Have you ever heard about the Gap controversy? It is one of the best examples of how even a “trivial” change in design can hurt a business, even if you are a  well-known one. Consistency in all digital touchpoints reinforces your brand identity: familiar, trustworthy, and credible.

  • Good UX design also provides dependable customer support. A UI UX design agency in London can build intuitive help sections, incorporate live chat or chatbots, and offer easy access to support resources. This way, customers can receive assistance anytime, anywhere.

3. It Becomes Cost-Effective in the Long-Term

Just because you have profits does not mean you already have a sustainable business. Usually, it all boils down to costs. If you are generating revenues but continue bleeding, you will still have limited expansion resources.

Online marketing is not cheap, contrary to what most business owners believe. UX design, for instance, can mean thousands of dollars in upfront spending. And you will not see significant positive outcomes immediately.

The good news is if you work with a credible UI UX design agency in London, this aspect becomes cost-effective in the long run. Here are the reasons why:

  • Customer retention. As mentioned, keeping clients happy saves you tons of marketing money. It decreases acquisition costs and cost per lead. It also raises customer lifetime value.

  • Reduced support and maintenance costs. A well-designed site is less likely to be riddled with errors and bugs that require more hours of fixing and patching. Worse, it saves you the risks of critical mistakes that might lead to security breaches.

  • Improved efficiency and productivity. Good UX design streamlines workflows and improves efficiency for both users and internal teams. For example, proper navigation and information architecture make it easier and faster for users to find the information they need faster. This translates into improved productivity, as employees can also easily navigate their way through the website.

  • Competitive advantage and market differentiation. Custom web design immediately sets your product or service apart from competitors. Further, if users find your product easier to use and more enjoyable than alternatives, they are more likely to become loyal customers All these can result in increased market share and customer loyalty and, ultimately, better financial performance.



From improved customer acquisition to enhanced retention and cost savings, quality UX design pays off business-wise.

To make this work, your plan should be based on a deep understanding of your market, brand, and goals. At, we specialize in creating custom web designs tailored to your business needs, considering the best user experience practices.

Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can help you propel your business through UX design.

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