The Benefits of Teaching in South Carolina

The Benefits of Teaching in South Carolina

Many teachers and public servants understand the challenges financial hiccups bring to their homes and classrooms. However, South Carolina seems to understand these challenges and provides employee benefits that help teachers manage their health and living costs.


South Carolina teachers receive competitive salaries and perks that help them better protect their future. Here are several reasons you should consider working as a teacher in South Carolina.

As healthcare costs continue to rise across the globe, teachers are looking for a place where they will enjoy healthcare insurance. South Carolina teachers of tomorrow enjoy a variety of affordable health insurance options through the South Carolina Public Employee Benefit authority.

These benefits include health savings and a standard PPO health plan, with the annual savings for the latter being lower than those of the savings plan.


Both healthcare plans offer recipients medical coverage in different areas, including:

  • Hospital visits
  • Emergency room
  • Well-child care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Primary care physician visits


In addition to the abovementioned services, the healthcare plans available for South Carolina teachers of tomorrow can also include dental procedures with more advanced dental services and orthodontics.


South Carolina teachers can also enjoy yearly comprehensive eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses. Eyeglasses frames are available every two years.


1. Fringe Benefits


South Carolina teachers of tomorrow should consider the additional benefits to employees in permanent positions. Teachers are eligible for:

  • Fifteen days of annual leave
  • Fifteen days of sick leave
  • Holidays
  • Health, life, and disability insurance
  • Social security match
  • Workers compensation


These fringe benefits are more personal than monetary rewards and motivate teachers to increase their productivity further.


2. Retirement Benefits

Once you become a teacher in South Carolina, you automatically become enrolled in the state’s pension system.


The retirement system requires you to contribute a percentage of your income to the fund which you'll enjoy in the future. Teachers must contribute 7% of their salary to the fund, while the employer contributes 10.45%.


To qualify for the benefits from the retirement fund, South Carolina teachers of tomorrow must be 65 years and above with at least five years of service. Beneficiaries can also be of any age with 28 years of service.


Various parameters are considered when calculating your monthly pension, including days of unused sick leave and credited service time. There’s also a benefits multiplier used in calculating the monthly pension. 


While most teachers wait until retirement age to terminate employment, the retirement system in South Carolina allows teachers of tomorrow to enjoy an early retirement by providing various options to teachers.


3. Enjoy the Southern Charm 

South Carolina teachers of tomorrow are young and need to enjoy life outside the classroom. Life in the south is characterized by a rich history of churches, monuments, and state buildings. For instance, Charleston, the oldest city in the nation, has a museum where you can experience southern culture and architectural history.


South Carolina teachers can also enjoy family-friendly nature parks with options to fish and canoe. You can also enjoy breathtaking views characterized by mountains, falling water bays, and foothills trails that enable you to get acquainted with nature.


Living in South Carolina also allows easy access to beaches where you can enjoy family fun. The city enjoys over 2,800 miles of coastline, meaning many neighborhoods are only a few miles from the beach, giving residents various choices.


While there are many benefits associated with town life, it also comes with challenges. South Carolina teachers benefit from escaping the hassles of city life by living in small towns in Charleston and Greenville. 


Teachers are also looking for a haven where the cost of living is not very high, and South Carolina may be that place for them. With the cost of living being 11.5%, South Carolina offers excellent educational opportunities, homes, and family fun at great prices.


4. Membership Benefits

Teaching in South Carolina also comes with membership benefits. Every public school teacher in the country has an opportunity for membership in the South Carolina Education Association. The membership benefits include opportunities for professional development, discounts, field staff availability to support teachers, and advocacy with state representatives.



Teaching can be one of the most fulfilling professions allowing teachers to instill positive values in students. However, teachers need a positive working environment and better salary and compensation perks to work effectively.


South Carolina is the place to be if you are looking for a place to enjoy maximum benefits in the teaching profession. Teachers enjoy competitive salary packages accompanied by healthcare insurance. You also get to enjoy the southern charm, which includes plenty of beaches, life away from the hassles of busy town life, and the availability of nature activities to keep you in touch with nature.

Hannah Van Teylingen
This article was written by Hannah a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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