The 3 Appealing Factors That Can Attract Potential Employees To A Company

The 3 Appealing Factors That Can Attract Potential Employees To A Company
Last Updated: March 17, 2023

Hiring new team members marks a new chapter in a company's story. It can signal that the company is in a good position, one that requires additional support being needed to handle the expanding workload.

As business leaders prepare to advertise any available positions in a company, they will put measures in place to help them find good employees for the roles. However, whilst these measures could help select the right person, attracting talented individuals and enticing them to apply is where some companies fall behind.

What a company has to offer can help to attract individuals to apply. There are many appealing factors that individuals look for in a future employer. These are just a selection of them.

Reviews About The Business

Company culture is a deal breaker for many individuals. Although the pay is good and the role is what they want, the culture within the business can influence a person's decision to apply for the opening position. Before applying, they will research the company to learn more about its culture.

Similar to review sites where clients leave comments about a business, there are platforms where employees can anonymously write about their employers. When learning more about a company, individuals might use these sites to gain insight into the business and the culture. Should they read something negative about the company's internal culture, they might think twice about applying. If your company has a profile on one of these platforms, it could be worth seeing what past and present employees have written about the business.


Company Benefits On Offer

Along with great company culture, a company's benefits can also help entice individuals to apply. The benefits available could vary from flexitime to birthdays off to reward schemes and programmes. For instance, Zest's employee benefits platform is a great example of showing gratitude to the team through a rewards scheme. Employees can use it when they like to reap the benefits awarded to them by their management.

Offering these excellent benefits shows potential candidates that the company values their team. One of the ways they show gratitude is by offering these various benefits to their team to acknowledge the excellent work they consistently deliver. Look through the benefits available, ask your team what they would prefer and get them involved in the process. In doing so, you can invest in the benefits your team values and will use the most. Showing that you offer these benefits could help to promote the business to potential candidates.

Progression Opportunities For The Team

Of course, for any young professional moving up the career ladder is crucial. They want to accept job roles that will help them advance in their career, enable them to expand their knowledge and develop new skills. When looking for a new job opportunity, these factors will be at the forefront of their mind when searching and applying. Should they apply and be invited for an interview, they will likely ask if there are opportunities for progression within the team. The answer to this could influence their decision about accepting the position, should they be successful.

Think about the current structure of the business. Look to see if any opportunities are available for team members to rise in the ranks and apply for higher positions in the company. Understandably, this is more difficult for those working for a smaller business than a larger corporation. However, employers are smaller businesses that can offer their team opportunities to learn. This could be through mentoring them or offering training programmes on a specific topic. These opportunities could motivate employees and help boost their productivity levels, which could benefit the business.

As you can see, the benefits can be deciding factors for many candidates. In fact, an overwhelming majority of employees revealed that the benefits improve their happiness within a company, with their salary coming in a close second. Before posting about a vacancy in the company, reflect on the current benefits being offered to the team, and see if there is room for improvement. Some updates could help to make a positive impact on the company.

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