Target Employee Benefits and Perks

Target Employee Benefits and Perks

Target, one of the largest retail chains globally, has always been known not just for its wide array of products but also for its commitment to its employees. In addition to providing exceptional customer service, Target places a significant emphasis on the well-being and satisfaction of its workforce. In this article, we will delve into the various benefits and perks that Target employees receive, exploring what is available for both full-time and part-time staff and how these benefits can be utilized effectively.

What Kind of Benefits Do Target Employees Get?

Target employees enjoy a diverse range of benefits designed to enhance their overall quality of life. These benefits go beyond mere compensation and encompass various aspects of well-being, including healthcare, financial stability, and personal development. Some of the key benefits that Target employees receive include:

Health and Wellness


Target offers comprehensive healthcare coverage, including medical, dental, and vision insurance plans. Employees can also take advantage of programs such as mental health support, counseling services, and wellness initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Target offers the following when it comes to health and wellness:

Health Plans

Here’s a breakdown of the health plans available at Target:

  1. Virtual Health Care Visits: Target offers 24/7 virtual healthcare visits through the CirrusMD platform, free for U.S. team members and dependents, no appointments needed.

  2. Medical Plans: Target provides national and regional medical plans via Blue Cross, Kaiser, HMSA, and Surest, including HRA and HSA options, covering generic, brand, and specialty drugs.

  3. Health Care FSA: Team members can set aside funds for medical, pharmacy, vision, and dental expenses, with rollover up to $610 without medical plan participation.

  4. Vision: EyeMed Vision Plan covers exams, glasses, and contact lenses from in-network providers, with exams included in medical plan enrollment.

  5. Dental: Target offers Standard and Enhanced dental plans covering preventive care fully and eligible expenses up to a plan-year maximum.

  6. Supplemental Medical Plans: Critical Illness, Accident, and Hospital Indemnity Insurance provide financial support for unexpected medical and non-medical expenses, with payouts directly to employees.

Well-being offerings

For All U.S. Team Members:

  • Fitness Offerings: Target offers expert-led videos in fitness, nutrition, meditation, and finances. Live virtual group fitness classes and discounts at nationwide fitness centers are available.

  • Tobacco Cessation: Target's Pivot program supports employees and dependents (18+) with a breath sensor, mobile app, coaching, online community, and free quit-smoking medications for medical plan enrollees.

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Condition management programs

Target prioritizes the well-being of its employees and their families by offering specialized programs designed to manage specific health conditions. Here’s a summary of Target’s condition management initiatives:

  • Accordant Care Program: Target’s Accordant Care offers telephonic health management for 19 rare and chronic conditions. Participants get 24/7 nurse access and holistic support for overall well-being.

  • Onduo Diabetes Management: Tailored for diabetes (type 1 or type 2), Onduo provides free supplies, tools, and personalized assistance for effective diabetes management.

  • Maternity Support (Bullseye Health Spot): Expectant mothers get targeted support through the Early Steps program. Experienced coaches and nurses offer help and resources, with potential incentives.

  • Cancer Support: Target’s medical plan provides personalized support for individuals with cancer. Experienced nurses assist with emotional challenges, provide information, connect to Centers of Excellence, and aid in decision-making about care.

Care and Support Resources

Target is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support resources for its eligible team members and their families. Here’s a summary of Target's care initiatives:

For All U.S. Team Members:

  • Virtual Care Platform (CirrusMD): Target offers a virtual care platform allowing team members and their enrolled dependents to connect with doctors 24/7 via text, images, or videos for general medical concerns.

  • Prescription Drug Discount Card (Inside Rx): Target provides access to Inside Rx, a drug discount program enabling savings on generic and brand-name medications at over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.

For U.S. Team Members Enrolled in a Qualifying Target-Sponsored Medical Plan:

  • Bullseye Health Spot Coordinators: Target's Blue Cross plan includes Care Coordinators for healthcare and pharmacy assistance, issue resolution, and resource connections.

  • Expert Medical Advice (Included Health): Enrolled family members can consult medical experts live for free, seeking guidance or second opinions on health concerns.

  • Comprehensive Surgery Program (Transcarent Surgery Care): Target offers access to select elective surgeries with waived costs in specific plans, reduced out-of-pocket expenses, travel cost coverage, care coordination, and educational resources.

  • Virtual Physical Therapy (Hinge Health): Target provides free access to Hinge Health, offering remote back, muscle, and joint care for team members and their enrolled family members.

  • Fertility Solutions (Progyny): Progyny supports fertility journeys, bundling services and treatments into customized plans, removing barriers to care.

  • Prescription Savings (Rx Savings Solutions): Target offers Rx Savings Solutions, helping team members save on prescriptions by suggesting alternatives, dosage forms, tablet splitting, and price shopping.

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Financial Benefits

Financial security is vital, and Target understands this well. Employees can participate in 401(k) plans with matching contributions, ensuring their long-term financial stability. Additionally, Target provides life insurance, disability coverage, and access to financial counseling services.

Target's Retirement Planning Programs

Target offers robust retirement planning benefits to its eligible team members, aiding them in preparing for a secure financial future. Here’s a summary of Target's retirement planning initiatives:

1. 401(k) Plan:

  • Target matches employee contributions dollar for dollar, up to 5% of eligible pay.
  • Eligibility starts at age 18 and after completing 90 days of service.
  • The employer match is 100% vested immediately.
  • New team members can roll over previous 401(k) balances at the date of hire, even before becoming eligible for Target's plan.

2. Executive Deferred Compensation Plan (EDCP):

  • EDCP offers eligible team members a tax-deferred savings plan, enabling them to save beyond their 401(k) limit, enhancing their retirement savings potential.

3. Pension Plan:

  • Target’s Pension Plan is available to team members meeting minimum service and hours requirements, particularly those hired prior to 2009. This plan provides additional retirement benefits, offering a comprehensive approach to financial security in retirement.

Perks and Discounts

Target offers a variety of perks and discounts to enhance the lives of its U.S. team members, providing significant savings and benefits in various aspects of their lives:

  • Team Member Discount: Team members, spouses, domestic partners, and eligible dependents get a 10% discount at Target stores and online.
  • Wellness Discount: Team members receive an extra 20% off fresh/frozen fruits, select Target products, and tobacco cessation items.
  • My Discounts Website: Target's platform offers deals on electronics, cell plans, restaurants, fitness, vacations, saving 81k+ members monthly.
  • Auto & Home Insurance: Team members access group insurance rates, up to 15% off, from leading insurers.
  • Pet Insurance: MetLife covers up to 100% of unexpected pet care costs with customizable plans.
  • Fitness Discounts: Grokker and virtual classes provided, plus discounts at nationwide fitness centers.
  • Back-up Care: Affordable child and adult/eldercare solutions, including tutoring and pet sitting.
  • Commuter Benefit: Enroll in Wageworks Commuter Benefit for pre-tax deductions covering commuting costs.

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Career Development

Target believes in investing in its employees’ growth. They offer various programs, including tuition reimbursement, skill development training, and career counseling, enabling employees to advance in their careers and achieve their professional goals. Target offers the following:

Target's Dream to Be Program

Target's Dream to Be program, in collaboration with Guild Education, offers flexible educational opportunities for both full-time and part-time team members, aligning with various interests, schedules, and career aspirations. Here are the key features of the program:

  • Tuition-Free Program: Eligible team members access tuition-free education from 40+ schools with 250+ programs. Over 25,000 team members have participated.
  • Partially Funded Program: Eligible members pursue master's programs via Guild's schools with Target making direct payments, easing upfront costs within an annual cap.
  • Educational Supplies Reimbursement: Target reimburses for textbooks and course fees, removing financial barriers to education in the Guild network.

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Other Education Support Resources at Target

Target provides additional education support resources beyond the Dream to Be program, offering flexibility and continuous learning opportunities for eligible team members:

  • Tuition Reimbursement: Target reimburses eligible team members for courses at accredited schools outside the Dream to Be program network.
  • Education Partnerships:  Target's partnerships offer exclusive discounts, aiding team members in their lifelong learning.
  • Student Loan Refinancing: Target Credit Union provides refinancing services, potentially saving on interest, shortening loan terms, and simplifying payments with competitive rates and flexible plans.

Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial, and Target supports this by providing paid time off, parental leave, and flexible scheduling options. These benefits empower employees to manage their personal and professional lives effectively. Target offers the following:

Target's Time Off Plans

Target offers comprehensive time off plans for its U.S. salaried and hourly team members with 20 or more average weekly hours, ensuring they can maintain a healthy work-life balance and support their well-being:

  • Vacation: Team members accrue time based on hours and service. Alternatively, Flexible Paid Time Off offers unlimited days without accrual or tracking.
  • Company Paid Holidays: Target provides paid time off for national holidays.
  • Bereavement Leave: Paid time off based on the relationship with the deceased.
  • Sick Plan: Target offers a sick plan, following local regulations where applicable.
  • Paid Family Leave: After a year, team members get leave for family-related needs, with resources like the Parental Checklist for support.
  • Disability Support: Automatic Short-term Disability paid by Target. Long-term Disability kicks in after 150 days, funded through paycheck deductions for extended periods of inability to work.

Target's time off plans are designed to provide flexibility, financial support, and resources for various life situations, emphasizing the company's commitment to the well-being of its workforce.

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Target's Family Support Benefits

Target provides extensive family support benefits and resources to eligible team members in the U.S., ensuring they can balance the demands of their family life while managing their careers. These benefits include:

For All U.S. Team Members:

Back-up Care/Enhanced Supports: Target offers affordable in-center or in-home childcare solutions, including tutoring and pet sitting, reducing primary childcare costs.

My Discounts Website: Team members access exclusive offers on products and services, such as computers, cell plans, childcare, vacations, via the My Discounts website.

Employee Assistance Program (TMLR): TMLR provides free 24/7 confidential counseling and support for team members and their families, covering various topics like substance misuse, legal concerns, and work/life balance.

Pet Insurance: MetLife Pet Insurance covers unexpected pet care costs, offering customizable plans for team members.

For U.S. Salaried and Hourly Team Members with 20+ Average Weekly Hours:

  • Dependent Care FSA: Team members can save pre-tax earnings for qualifying daycare and eldercare expenses while working, though unused funds at year-end cannot be refunded.

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What Benefits do Full-Time Target Employees Get?

Full-time Target employees enjoy an enhanced set of benefits tailored to their commitment and dedication to the company. These benefits often include:

1. Higher Compensation:

Full-time employees generally receive a higher hourly wage or an annual salary compared to their part-time counterparts, ensuring a stable income to support themselves and their families.

2. Extended Healthcare Coverage:

Full-time employees usually have access to more extensive healthcare coverage, including additional options for specialized treatments and services.

3. Retirement Benefits:

Full-time employees are often eligible for pension plans, contributing to their retirement savings and ensuring financial security in their later years.

4. Bonuses and Incentives:

Target often provides performance-based bonuses and incentives to full-time employees, recognizing and rewarding their hard work and dedication.

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How Do I Use My Target Employee Benefits?

Using your Target employee benefits is a straightforward process designed to be accessible and convenient for all staff members. Here are the general steps to utilize your benefits effectively:

1. Understand Your Benefits:

First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the benefits available to you. Read the employee handbook, attend orientation sessions, or consult HR representatives to gain a comprehensive understanding of what you are entitled to.

2. Access Online Resources:

Target typically provides an online portal or app where employees can access information about their benefits, including coverage details, available programs, and eligibility criteria. Make use of these digital resources to stay informed.

3. Consult HR or Benefits Representatives:

If you have specific questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to Target’s HR department or benefits representatives. They are there to help you navigate the complexities of the benefits system and address any concerns you might have.

4. Utilize Benefits in Accordance with Policies:

Ensure that you use your benefits in accordance with Target’s policies and guidelines. This includes scheduling time off in advance, following the procedures for healthcare appointments, and adhering to any other applicable rules.

5. Stay Updated:

Stay updated with any changes or updates to your benefits package. Companies like Target periodically review and enhance their employee benefits, so it’s essential to be aware of any improvements or modifications that might be made.

In conclusion, Target’s commitment to providing comprehensive benefits and perks underscores its dedication to fostering a supportive and thriving work environment. As a Target employee, you are not just part of a team but a valued member of a community that prioritizes your well-being. By understanding and utilizing your benefits effectively, you can enhance your overall job satisfaction and lead a fulfilling professional life at Target.

Important Notes

Eligibility: Benefits eligibility depends on position, average hours, and tenure with Target. Benefits are reviewed annually for hourly team members.

Online Resources: Employees can access detailed benefit information and price transparency files through Target’s online portal.

Personalized Benefits: While this summary outlines general offerings, benefits eligibility is specific to individual circumstances and may vary.

Ngonidzashe Nzenze
This article was written by Ngonidzashe a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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