SurveyMonkey Review

SurveyMonkey Review

SurveyMonkey is a web-based tool and hosting service that allows users to create and distribute surveys over the internet.



How does SurveyMonkey work?


SurveyMonkey is there to foster development and innovation. Its platform makes it simple to measure and interpret feedback. SurveyMonkey helps one organise his/her thoughts and turns them into people energised data. This is how it works:

  • Create surveys, quizzes, and polls for any audience quickly and easily.
  • Collect feedback using a variety of methods, including a web link, email, mobile chat, social media, and more.
  • Get sophisticated analytical features as well as automatic analysis of the data.
  • The data can be exported or integrated with ones’ favourite programs.
  • Make smarter, data-driven decisions with ones’ knowledge.


What are the features of SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey’s powerful features help you design surveys with confidence and maximize your data’s potential. These features include:


Customisation tools

These allow you to create custom survey experiences from which you:

  • Choose from a variety of survey themes and layouts.
  • Change the colours and fonts of your surveys with ease.
  • For on-brand surveys, include your logo or other branded visuals.
  • Remove the SurveyMonkey footer and lead consumers back to your site to completely white-label surveys.


Easy sharing



With your team, you can share survey templates and creative elements:

  • To securely share surveys, use flexible permission controls.
  • With custom charts, graphs, and dashboards, you can present your findings in a visually appealing manner.
  • Data can be exported in a variety of formats, including CSV, XLS, PDF, PPT, and SPSS.


Fast survey creation

Everything you will need to make the finest surveys is right there:

  • Get access to survey templates that are tailored to your customers, workers, or target market.
  • To include in your surveys, pick from a list of expert-written sample questions.
  • With SurveyMonkey Genius, you can score your surveys and predict their success rates.
  • Learn how to create even the most complex surveys using our best practices.


Powerful analysis

You can analyse your data quickly and easily by:

  • Automatic graphics and summaries provide immediate information.
  • Use Word Cloud and Sentiment Analysis to examine text answers.
  • Combine filters and crosstab reports delving deeper into your data.
  • Compare your comments to industry norms.


They have plans for everyone

Any project, team, or organization can benefit from assistance:

  • Get a plan for a group of people or yourself.
  • Look for ways for teams to streamline workflows so that they can get insights faster.
  • Collaborate with others throughout the survey creation and analysis process.


Can you use SurveyMonkey for free?

SurveyMonkey is not entirely free but you can still sign up for free to get access to its most basic tools. It operates on a freemium basis business model.


A freemium model is one in which a company provides services to customers at no cost to develop a basis for future transactions. It is a business strategy that allows customers to access basic aspects of the software or services for free before charging for upgrades to the basic package.


SurveyMonkey designates the more advanced features and resources to their paid customers. The next question you probably have is: So what’s free? Here is a table showing the free side against the paid side of their freemium model:

Free side

Paid side

It only allows asking up to 10 questions per survey.

Allow different forms of the survey to skip logic.

Only one filter or crosstab can be applied to your survey data.

There is unlimited use of filters and crosstabs.

Organisational branding customisations are not possible.

Customising surveys with organisations’ branding is possible.

It only allows you to collect up to 40 responses per survey.

Comes with an option to export results in various formats with fantastic visuals.



What are the SurveyMonkey plans?

Getting a paid plan for SurveyMonkey is the best to ensure you get a plan with features that fit your needs. There are three types of plans from which you can choose from and these are:

  1. Business plans – these are mainly for organisations. Depending on the type of analysis and tools the business needs, they can adopt the team advantage package or team premier package or the enterprise package which comes with powerful admin tools, integrations and collaboration features for the organisation.
  2. Personal plans – these are mainly for individuals. It also depends on the type of analysis and how often you as an individual do the surveys. There are three packages which one can adopt and these are premier annual, advantage annual and standard monthly.
  3. Buy targeted responses – using this plan you can get survey responses from around the world with SurveyMonkey audience. You only need to specify the types of people you want to respond to your survey, their location(s), gender, age, income, employment status etc. It comes with an advanced survey design and some cool analysis features.


Wrapping it up…

SurveyMonkey is a great tool for both individuals and organisations. You should sign up here and check out their free version right away. We have been using SurveyMonkey for years now and it has always been giving us great value. Check it out today and also join us in enjoying the benefits.


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