Staff Morale Booster: What You Need To Know

Staff Morale Booster: What You Need To Know

Staff morale boosters are quick and easy ways to increase the motivation and efficiency of your staff. These activities aim to improve employee performance. "Employee morale boosters" and "team morale boosters" are also used to describe these activities.

Quick staff morale boosters are fast ways to raise employee morale and productivity. In addition to long-term effects like staff turnover and brand reputation, employee morale impacts motivation, performance, and workplace relationships. A company's success is heavily dependent on employee morale, so managers should regularly gauge it and work to motivate staff.

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Importance of staff morale boosters

Staff morale boosters are crucial for a variety of reasons. One reason is that engaged workers are productive. According to a 2017 Gallup study, engaged workers enhanced profitability by 21%, reduced turnover by 59%, and reduced absenteeism by 41%.

Staff morale boosters can help your teams unwind, re-energize, and refocus. Maintaining a positive work environment is critical because it's linked to higher employee satisfaction, decreased absenteeism and turnover, and increased productivity. Also, contented workers are more inclined to talk highly of their employer, resulting in a great reputation for your business.

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Staff Morale Booster Ideas


1. Staff Morale Booster: Volunteer as a team

Employers can meet this need by organizing quarterly team volunteer days to support a neighborhood educational or non-profit group. For instance, you might assist an environmental organization in cleaning up a park. To add a personalized touch to such occasions, why not use a birthday video maker to create a heartfelt message, celebrating your employees on their special day? This can be an innovative and memorable addition to the paid birthday holidays policy.

2. Staff Morale Booster: Enforce lunchbreaks

Do your staff members typically work through lunch? Make sure they take proper lunch breaks. According to a Lunch Report, free lunch motivates employees to return to the office. Moreover, 65% of the 1,000 workers polled stated they were likely to organize their in-person office visits based on whether or not a complimentary catered lunch was provided that day.

Get leaders and supervisors to take lunch breaks to convince workers that taking breaks is okay. More importantly, respect team members' breaks by not bothering them.

3. Staff Morale Booster: Be Transparent



Your employees will feel more secure knowing your business is transparent. Be transparent about all aspects of the company. According to a study published in the Journal of Business Ethics, transparency is positively related to employee trust, increasing job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Transparency in the workplace can have a positive impact on staff morale. It increases trust, improves communication, fosters accountability, and reduces workplace stress. These benefits can lead to a more positive work environment, higher job satisfaction, and increased employee engagement and performance

4. Staff Morale Booster: Create a wellness program

Create a company-wide wellness program as an investment in the well-being of your staff. For instance, provide free or subsidized gym memberships or exercise courses inside the workplace. Alternatively, purchasing a treadmill or bike can set up an active workspace. Exercise reduces stress and generates endorphins, which can improve employees' mental health.

Make a game out of your wellness program. Keep everyone engaged by presenting awards for key accomplishments. Award one point for each minute of physical activity and display the results on a digital leaderboard.

5. Staff Morale Booster: Hold theme dress-up days

Theme dress-up days are a fun and creative way to boost staff morale and promote team building in the workplace. These events encourage employees to participate in a shared activity that is enjoyable and outside of their normal work routine.

Theme dress-up days can foster team spirit and a sense of belonging among employees. Everyone participating in the event can create a feeling of unity and camaraderie. A study by SHRM, found that employees who feel a sense of belonging in the workplace are more satisfied with their jobs and have higher levels of commitment to the organization.

6. Staff Morale Booster: Create a special product

Ask your staff about the skills or interests they aren't using at work. Finally, consider how to apply those talents to a unique project. If one of your programmers has expertise in improving theatre, they might enjoy presenting to clients or facilitating icebreakers at the upcoming corporate retreat. Ask a writer with web development experience to contribute to a new website project.

7. Staff Morale Booster: Put a cap on office hours

Putting a cap on office hours can positively impact staff morale. Overworking and long working hours can lead to burnout, stress, and decreased job satisfaction. Employers should consider implementing policies encouraging employees to prioritize their well-being and creating a workplace culture that values work-life balance and employee happiness.

8. Staff Morale Boosters: Enhance executive access

When was the last time your CEO visited the factory floor or interacted with the workforce? Ask firm executives to be more visible if it has been some time. Employees can interact with the executives, learn about them, and stimulate idea sharing. In addition to removing barriers, this will show employees that corporate executives value what they do for the company.

9. Staff Morale Booster: Create a paid holiday for birthdays

Paid birthday holidays can boost staff morale by increasing job satisfaction, improving work-life balance, boosting employee engagement, and promoting a positive work culture. Employers should consider implementing policies that show appreciation and value for their staff, such as paid birthday holidays, to create a supportive and positive workplace environment.

10. Staff Morale Booster: Organize lunch and learn events

Bring in guest speakers to host weekly or monthly lunch and learn programs. Hire a business coach to explain how to network more successfully. Ask a local accountant to speak about tax savings. Want to make internal ties stronger? Invite a worker to talk about a significant impending project or do a brief training on cutting-edge new technology.

By delivering catered boxed lunches, you may provide value. You might also host a C-suite executive for a question-and-answer session. These quick, unstructured get-togethers are a low-stress method to strengthen bonds within the team.

11. Staff Morale Booster: Use custom employee rewards to reflect your culture

Increase the effectiveness of your Recognition & Incentives program: Create bespoke awards that represent your employees' values in your rewards marketplace. Research by Harvard Business Reviews states that a little recognition can provide a big morale boost. It's an excellent approach to show how you view your workers.

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Consider investing in staff morale boosters to show them that you care about them. You may develop a sustainable and effective program by selecting appealing concepts to employees and integrating them with existing procedures.

Nolwazi Mlala
This article was written by Nolwazi a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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