Resume writing - Everything you need to know while applying for a job

Resume writing - Everything you need to know while applying for a job

There would be no one who will ever deny the importance of a resume. The resumes are used by the recruiters and employers in knowing your capability for the job position. It means that a strong resume is the one that will land you a job; otherwise, there are little to no chances of getting your desired job. There is good news for you, the creation of an error-free and squeaky clean resume isn’t an issue anymore. You just have to put your educational background and professional experience in the right way.

There are cases where fresh graduates find it extremely daunting to write their first resume. The pressure to land a job ahead of your peers can make you frustrated enough that you will unknowingly commit mistakes while writing down the resume. There isn’t any need to feel helpless, all you need is to put some effort in the right way, and the resume will be created. There are online resume builder facilities available over the web, which will assist you in coming up with a resume that can certainly help you in landing your dream job. Certainly, technology has made our lives easier.


Below you’ll come across some simple things that you need to know before applying for a job. 


What Type of Resume Template do You Need to Choose? 

According to a survey, recruiters and employers only give 6 seconds to a resume, and they don’t invest much of their time in it. There is a strong reason behind it because the volume of applications for a certain job position is high. You need to use templates that are basic until or unless you are applying for a graphic design job position because their resume needs to be attractive and visually appealing. Therefore, you need to go for a resume template that can instantly let them know everything about you. There is a need to present the information in a way that the reader must feel that he/she needs to read further. The Internet is flooded with different types of resume templates, and almost all of the resume builders also come with pre-made resume templates that you can use to create an attractive and presentable resume for yourself. 


Add Relevant Keywords to Pass Applicant Tracking System 


You need to ensure that there is a relevant keyword in your resume. You can gather those keywords from job descriptions, presentations, and conversations with the employees. These are the keywords that help you pass the applicant tracking system. Over here, you also need to make sure that the resume shouldn’t include irrelevant keywords just to pass the applicant tracking system. There is no need to make the resume a word search game that can pass the system, but the recruiter may toss it. However, adding up relevant keywords is essential. The premade templates available over the web are mostly optimized with the relevant keywords. In this regard, you can find such premade resume templates with relevant keywords on any online resume maker. Professional resume writing services ratings are also available online to assist you in optimizing your resume.


Keep It Concise and Precise 

The resume needs to be short, and there shouldn’t be any unnecessary information in it. If your resume is longer, then there are chances that it will be ignored by the hiring manager and recruiters. You need to make it concise by eliminating all the fluff from it. The resume shouldn’t be of more than one page and only have relevant information in it. It is a better approach to keep the resume short instead of overwhelming and extensive. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to fill up all the white spaces. It means that you need to condense the content in a way that it gets fitted in one page, while the white space should be left between those areas where you want the recruiter to be focused. Therefore, it is a better approach to keep the resume concise and precise. 


Use Reverse Chronological Resume Format 

The reverse chronological resume is the most common resume format that is widely used all around the world. The format lets you describe your educational background and work history in an organized way while starting from the most recent one. There is an objective at the start of this resume, then comes the work history, educational qualification, skills, and other relevant information. The format is easy-to-read, and the employers can understand it within no time. The recruiters find it easy to view the relevant details instantly. The applicants are also able to cover their flaws, and they find it easy to showcase their work experience in a good way. 


Pro-Tip: You can use different resume templates for this purpose using resume builder online and follow the format accordingly. Different resume creator facilities are available that will let you create your resume within a matter of seconds. 


Final Thoughts!

If you want to land your dream job, then there is surely a need to refresh or write your resume in a way that there must be no errors or loopholes in it. You would have to invest your time and energy in coming up with a resume that can certainly help you in your job search. It is better to apply with a good resume instead of randomly applying with a vague resume. If you don’t have time and want to come up with a resume, then using an online resume builder in this regard will surely help you out. 

Zaraq Shehzad
This article was written by Zaraq a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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