Project Manager Career Path From Entry Level to VP

Project Manager Career Path From Entry Level to VP

Whenever you think of project management, what comes to your mind? To be a Project Manager, one has to undertake the PMP online course. Project managers go on to become experts in various fields like management, director, vice-president, executives, etc.  


Well, there is no one way to become a project manager. But the easiest way to become one is by applying for a course. When you commence the journey of a Project Manager, you might get a little confused about what you will do after some years. Well, this confusion occurs to almost every individual who is going to acquire the PMP® certification.


Candidates who aspire to become project managers must gain the necessary experience and expertise before moving on to the topmost positions of the company.


In this article, we will look at the potential career path of the project manager. So, let us begin!

Career Path of a Project Manager


1. Working in the industry


Many project managers start off their journey working in non-managerial roles, and as they get settled in the company, they make their way up in the organization. For instance, a candidate might start off as a software developer, and with time after gaining expertise and experience, he/ she can become a project manager. Working in non-managerial skills helps the candidates in getting the necessary experience needed to sharpen their management skills.


Gaining hands-on experience can also serve as an advantage as a project manager. This will help the candidates in having a better grasp over a project along with managing teams.


2. Entry-level Project Manager

As individuals begin their careers as Project Managers, they get to work in several positions like junior project manager, associate project manager, assistant project manager, project coordinator, etc. These posts help the entry-level project managers in planning and overseeing the success of the project. Working in these posts can bolster the experience. The salaries of these project managers can range from $53,000 to $64,000.


To become a project manager and work in a parallel role, then it is good because the candidate will acquire communication and organizational skills.


3. Project Manager

After the entry-level project managers, here come the other project managers that help in the planning and execution of the projects, products, processes, etc. A project manager makes sure that the projects are completed on time, within budget, and aligned to fulfill the long-term projects of the company. Project managers can work in different industries like technology, finance, healthcare, IT, government, etc. The Project Manager's average annual salary is in the range of $88,000 and $110,000. Starting off in a non-managerial position is a good way to begin the journey as a project manager.


4. Senior Project Manager

As the name suggests, the senior project managers help in project execution with a larger scope, like scaling processes, developing products, leading projects, etc. A candidate needs several years of expertise in order to become a senior project manager.


The average salary of a senior project manager is $120,000. If you aspire to become a senior project manager, then gaining hands-on experience is necessary. The more experience you have, the more you go up and above in senior management. Senior project managers have sharpened skills that help in navigating their careers in a positive way. To become a senior project manager, you can also find a mentor who can help you reach the top positions.


5. Director of Project Manager

The director of project management oversees the strategies and success of project management. They ensure that individual projects are aligned to fulfil the long-term goals of the company. The Director of Project Management sets a blueprint for how the goals can be achieved. These managers manage the work of the project managers, work in various functional aspects, and communicate with high-level leaders across different organizations. The average salary of a Director of Project Manager is $150,000. To become the director of project management, one needs exceptional qualities like amazing communication skills, problem-solving abilities, decision-making skills, and the ability to influence people.


6. VP of Operations, COO

This is the final and the topmost position of a project manager. The vice-president of operations or the Chief Operating Officers are high-ranking business leaders that implement new strategies to aid in the business growth. The salary of a Vice President of Operations is $150,000. On the other hand, the salary of a COO is $160,000. To gain the top position in senior management, the candidates must hold an optimal understanding of business. The MBA professional degree will help the candidates learn business skills that can help them reach top positions like VP or COO.  


So, this is the complete career path for the candidates who wish to become project managers. Embarking on a project management journey can help the candidates acquire business skills, technical skills, communication skills, etc.


Now, you must be wondering, Is management a good career path? Well, the career is in high demand. It is a great career path that can help you get numerous job opportunities with high-paid jobs. As per the Project Management Institute (PMI®), the global economy will need more certified project managers by the year 2030.


The career path of project management is highly satisfying. If a candidate has good communication or organization skills, then he/ she can go for the PMP® certification course. Project Managers can work in various industries, and success can be highly rewarding. They work on different kinds of projects that can help them gain the necessary skills.



A candidate can get a lot of opportunities to shape their career and reach new heights. Doing a PMP online course can help a lot in this. KnowledgeHut’s PMP® certification training provides the candidates with the latest content and syllabus that will help them clear the PMP exam in one go!


PMP® certification provides the candidates with assessments, mock tests, task-based simulations, etc., that help in passing the exam and beginning a career as a project manager. Beginning a career as a project manager can help you stabilize your career and make way for future successes. So, apply today for top PMP® certification courses and embark on the journey of becoming a project manager. 

Margaret Jules
This article was written by Margaret a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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