Petra Human Resources: What you need to know

Petra Human Resources: What you need to know

Petra Industries, known for distributing popular consumer tech and wholesale electronics nationwide, is elevating its approach to human capital and company culture. Based in Edmond, Oklahoma, Petra has gained acclaim over the years for efficiently shipping top-brand electronics across the United States. Following strategic additions to the Petra Human Resources team, Petra aims to take workplace performance and satisfaction to new heights. Petra Human Resources invests in developing talent and implementing programs to nurture relationships among work colleagues. This article will take a look at Petra's HR strategies and how they benefit the company.

Petra Human Resources Department's Experienced Leadership

Petra Industries strengthened its human resources team with two new additions in 2022. Anna Cramer now leads the department as Director of Petra Human Resources, bringing over eight years of experience developing HR strategies at Oklahoma State University. In this crucial position, she is in charge of HR strategic policies that affect the more than 200 workers at Petra, including those related to organizational structure, pay, benefits, performance reviews, employee relations, and legal compliance. 

As an HR Generalist, Krystal Kaye also joined the team and oversees day-to-day operations, events, and administrative tasks, including processing payroll and benefits. Cramer and Kaye work together to build strategic initiatives that help Petra retain and attract top talent. Their efforts reinforce Petra's commitment to fostering an inclusive atmosphere where all individuals can succeed.


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A Culture of Overachievement


At Petra Industries, their HR motto, "Overachievers Is An Understatement," captures the high-performance culture that has driven the company's success. Employees are encouraged to exceed their targets.

Rather than settling for average results, Petra values individuals who will surpass expectations through determination, initiative, and an obsession with excellence. The company provides an environment where professionals can challenge themselves daily to raise performance standards continuously.

Petra Human Resources enables its employees to grow, develop, and contribute exceptionally well by fostering an environment of achievement. Employees feel trusted to take risks and develop new ideas to solve problems in innovative ways. This fosters collaboration and allows the organization to maximize its potential. Petra Human Resources' commitment to attracting and retaining driven talent who share its mindset of limitless achievement comes through in its mantra. 

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Employee Benefits

Petra Human Resources makes people succeed at work and beyond a top goal. Petra Human Resources knows that supporting employees' overall well-being and peace of mind lets employees focus fully on doing great at their jobs. With this in mind, Petra's benefits offer strong financial and health benefits to allow success on the job and at home. 

Comprehensive Insurance, Health and Wellness Benefits:

Petra offers a range of Insurance, Health, and Wellness Benefits ensuring that employees have access to quality healthcare services. The company also encourages wellness programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle among its team members.

According to Glassdoor, the company provides the following Insurance, health, and wellness benefits:

  • Health Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Supplemental Life Insurance

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • Vision Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Life Insurance

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Financial Security and Retirement Planning:

At Petra, long-term financial stability is recognized as key to overall well-being. The company supports this priority through its retirement program, which enables planning for the future with important pre-tax savings incentives. By providing 401k plans and matching contributions, Petra Human Resources empowers employees to confidently focus on their careers today while also growing retirement funds for tomorrow. 

This benefit underscores the organization's commitment to employee health in all its forms. Through competitive savings structures and guidance, Petra Human Resources helps talented people feel secure pursuing lifelong careers with the company and enjoying post-work life with financial peace of mind.

Petra Human Resources prioritizes supporting employees' work-life balance. The company implements a flexible time off policy, empowering individuals to manage professional and personal responsibilities better. Allowing time for rest and renewal as needed, the program aims to relieve worries over responsibilities left unattended. Petra believes well-rested minds and bodies fuel greater productivity, resilience, and focus at work. Petra Human Resources understands the balancing act between career and life outside those doors, crafting policies to prioritize overall wellness. 

According to reviews on the Indeed Website, some employees have appreciated the work-life balance offered at Petra Industries. Petra Human Resources also offers maternity and paternity leave.

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Employee Discounts:

Petra Human Resources understands the importance of perks beyond salary. The company offers employees substantial discounts on all Petra products. Through these discounts, employees can save money and also benefit from the latest items from top consumer technology brands. Employees' personal and professional lives can be enhanced by discounts that provide them access to these solutions. The discounted products policy underscores the organization's goal of supporting employees and fostering rewarding, long-term careers at Petra.

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Petra shows support for the community by giving them paid volunteer hours. Through paid hours for volunteering, workers can assist local charities as part of the work day. 

Employees may help communities where families live and work by doing this. Petra shows its commitment to being involved in the community by supporting volunteer activities when it can. Through the work that its workers gladly perform outside of their regular responsibilities, the company supports the residents.

Workplace Flexibility

Petra recognizes the changing dynamics of the modern workplace and offers flexible working arrangements where possible. Employees are better able to balance their personal and professional life because of this flexibility, which allows them to adjust to their changing demands and situations.

Professional Growth and Development: 

Petra is dedicated to the continuous professional development of its employees. The organization provides its employees with training programs, workshops, and seminars that are designed to develop employee skills. According to Glassdoor, the company also offers assistance with tuition to its employees. These programs help employees advance their careers and encourage them to take on new responsibilities within the organization.

Based on the reviews provided on the Indeed Website, some employees have acknowledged opportunities for professional growth within the company. The fast pace necessitates picking up new knowledge constantly to keep up, and staff notes that this expansive on-the-go learning lets them grow in ways helpful for future roles.


Petra Human Resources has created a comprehensive benefits program and an empowering work culture to draw and keep top personnel. The company's motto of "overachieving" captures the ambition and continual improvement that drive its success. The company's commitment to developing its HR strategies will ensure that the policies and practices support employee's changing needs. Petra boosts its employee's engagement by prioritizing employee wellness development and quality of life both on and off the job.

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This article was written by Logical a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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