Impact Of Technology On Communication

Impact Of Technology On Communication

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Technology is a big part of our daily lives and it definitely affects how we communicate, work, and chill. Some people see their kids having faces glued to their phones and think that technology is messing everything up. But honestly not everything about it is terrible there are quite a lot of benefits in communication.

So check it out as in this article we put together a list of all the information you need about how technology affects communication and some tips on maximizing these advancements.

Several Impacts Technologies Have On Our Communication:

Without further delay let's dive into the article and discuss both the positive and negative impacts technology play on communication.

1. Social Media:


Social media analytics can be used by you to get insights on consumers, manage your online repo, giving top-notch customer service, and collect feedback from your customers.

Although it seems like marketers ain't using this data in other useful ways. Only around 56% of them use social media data to check out their target audience.

However make sure to let your clients know how you'll use this data and their input to shape your brand and social media presence. That way your followers will feel even closer to you as loyal customers.

Nowadays lots of content on social media posts have gotten features like likes and shares that go beyond the usual metrics. They can give you more info with stuff like sentiment analysis included.

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2. Round-the-Clock Communication:

Technology provides no doubt 24 hourly communication facility. it's not just good for you if you can save time and resources by letting a customer support bot handle frequently asked questions from your clients. It's also good for your clients too.

For instance your customer wants to make an instant payment so you should facilitate him by  accept XRP  which is a payment delivery mode that suits and meet your customer needs. customers who be dealing with companies want quick responses. Customers can now get the help they need 24/7, sometimes even instantly, all due to your instant payment solution and rapid customer support.

3. Education:

Everyone including kids, ladies, housewives can all learn using the internet, computers, email, video chats, radio, TV and other stuff like that. You can easily access all the info and teaching material.

Teachers can upgrade their skills and get better at helping students by finding the specific curriculum they need. Internet have been using radios and TVs for a while now to educate people who live far away or in remote areas.

Today we got this technology that enables you to interact with multimedia systems. You can get text, images and audio as well as videos whenever you want it. These computer-based systems come in different types depending on how much they cost or are used in education.

4. Limited Interpersonal Communication:



Technology is great and all, but sometimes it causes problems when people text instead of talking face-to-face. Like, when someone leaves a voice message to their friend but doesn't want to have a real conversation, it's like they want you to just take in their message without being able to respond.

Plus unfortunately using apps like WhatsApp and Messenger can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication because you can't really tell someone's tone through text. Even emojis don't always help because they could be seen as shady or having sarcasm.

5. Communication Tracking:

Even if you got good intentions, it ain't easy to keep up with all your followers when you dealing with a ton of customers on a daily basis. And let me tell you, the customer you talking to don't give a damn about how many other customers you got.

This is where technology comes in and messes with communication and facilitates you. You can use some fancy CRM software to keep track of every convo and interaction with your potential customers.

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6. Video Chat:

Since Covid 19 pandemic everything has been shifted to working from home, being your own boss, moving around for business, and all that. Technology has really changed the game when  it comes to communication. Now you can work closely with clients who could be anywhere in the world.

With using apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet you can stay connected with your clients even if you're not physically together.

You should know how to use all the features on whatever app you choose. Like when dealing with customer support calls, use screen sharing so you can show them how to solve their problem or find what they're looking for on your website instead of just telling them.


At the end of the day, there's good and bad when it comes to how we deal with customers using technology. Technology affects communication by making it easier, faster, and more effective. It helps you keep track of convos and improves customer support. Plus tech lets you get client info and boosts their overall experience.

But some people worry that tech will make brands seem less personal and make it harder to build relationships with customers. however the truth is that if you're aware of such issues, you have a lower chance of falling into those traps. You'll be surprised how much more potential there is for using technology to connect with clients and enhance communication.

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