How to start a writer career?

How to start a writer career?

Many people dream of being a writer, yet they lack the knowledge of how to make writing a career. Good writing is an evergreen skill that almost every professional requires in their work to some extent or the other. So what sets a writer apart from someone who simply needs to write some documents as part of their professional duties? The answer is simple - the style of writing and the ease with which a writer can capture their audience’s attention is what sets them apart from others. In this article, we explore the different ways in which someone who dreams of having a writing career can take their first step forward.


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Tips To Build A Writing Career

It is not necessary to have published works for someone to call themselves a writer. The first and foremost thing that a writer needs to start their career is a passion for writing. The ability to write is a skill that can be developed along the way. Below are some tips to help writers improve their writing skills:



1. Read, Read, and Read Some More

Reading is the quickest and most effective way to improve writing. Reading exposes us to new vocabulary and styles of writing. It also helps us stimulate our brains and exposes us to different ways of expressing the same idea. It helps us foster our own creativity. Reading also teaches us new ways to use our vocabulary. Every writer must regularly read to get the maximum benefits from the activity and improve their writing skills. 


2. Explore Different Forms of Writing 



Many writers find their careers stagnating because they are unwilling to explore different forms of writing. Each form of writing teaches different skills. Some forms of writing are academic writing, which helps writers organize their thoughts better. There is also copywriting, which helps develop brevity, and storytelling, which explores the creative abilities of a writer. Email marketing, brochure writing, and blog writing are other forms of writing that can expand the writing portfolio of a budding writer. 


3. Take A Writing Course

There are many writing courses today that are easily available on the internet. Websites like Udemy, EdX, Coursera, and more offer different writing courses. Some are short-term (lasting only 4 to 6 weeks), while others can last up to 6 months. These courses deep-dive into various aspects of writing, such as planning, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading. They are often curated by writers and professors who are adept in their fields. 


4. Start Early

The earlier you know that you want to be a writer, the bigger the advantage that you have. This is because you have much longer to practice and hone your writing skills. Students generally have a full schedule of academic commitments and seldom have time for other things. Are you a student wondering, “Who can write a paper for me and help me manage my academic commitments?”. Fortunately, some online firms can write 100% plagiarism-free academic essays for students. The time students save by hiring them can be used to build their writing portfolios. 


5. Publish Your Writing on a Blog

A blog is a simple, easy, and, most importantly, free platform for writers to start putting their work out for the world to see. There are many hosting platforms where writers can easily showcase their blogs. Some leading platforms for blog hosting include, Blogger, Wix, and Ghost. Each platform has different strings and is best suited for different kinds of blogs. Hosting a blog will help a writer cultivate a regular writing habit. It is also a place where writers can publish their thoughts and ideas for free and get a sense of how an audience reacts to their writing. This will give them insights into their own mishaps and areas of improvement.


6. Maintain A Diary

Maintaining a diary is another important habit that a writer must try to cultivate in their life. A diary can help a writer jot down the different thoughts and ideas they have during the day. When the writer sits down to write, referring to their diary will help them recollect their thoughts. Seeing their thoughts on paper will help them identify patterns, draw conclusions and construct arguments. You never know, sometimes, revisiting a random thought you had a few days ago might be the segue you need to write a bestselling book! 


7. Write Every Single Day

As much as writing is a creative profession, the greatest writers are those who practice writing every day. Becoming a writer requires as much discipline and dedication to the craft as any other profession. Many people overlook this and wait for an idea to come to them before they start writing. However, more often than not, great ideas will not visit a writer who is not forcing their brains to think daily. 


Fortunately, many prompt generators are available on the internet to help writers. A single Google search will show countless websites for this purpose. Writing every day will also help writers come out of writer's block and stay in touch with their writing.  


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Concluding Thoughts

This article briefly addresses some of the more common tips and tricks that can give a writer a boost in their career. It is important to remember that you can be a writer amongst other things like running a business or working in a corporation. In fact, many writers have admitted that they have another career to provide a secondary source of income. Writing is a very versatile and flexible career option, and with dedication and hard work, anyone can succeed in becoming a good writer. 


About the Author - Eric Wyatt

Eric Wyatt is an author and publisher. He explores crime, fiction, and thriller as primary genres in his creative writing. He began his career as a writer from a young age by entering storytelling competitions. In doing so, he found his passion for storytelling. Along with his own writing, he runs a non-profit writing school for youngsters who want to become better writers and publishes articles on the subject. 

Eric Wyatt
This article was written by Eric a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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