How to Promote Your Business (and Grow Your Customer Base) in 3 Easy Steps

How to Promote Your Business (and Grow Your Customer Base) in 3 Easy Steps

As any Google search will show you, there are countless ways in which you can promote and grow your business. Each will have its pros and cons, and you could very well find yourself stuck just focusing on the same two or three all of the time. To get the maximum ‘bang for your buck’ out of whatever niche market you are in, you might want to entertain a few techniques that may have escaped your attention but are well worth a try.

Use custom swag

There are a couple of ways to use company swag to your advantage and put you in front of the competition. You will, however, have to put some effort and thought into garnering the best possible response and getting the highest amount of value from the company swag you purchase or make onsite.


#1 Give away items to customers


You can give items away for free to customers with the idea that they will be used as part of their daily lives. This can be very powerful if your business name or logo is printed on every item.


However, for this to work well, the items you give away must be of high quality so they are used often and proudly by the recipient. Not to mention, any free goodies that break or wear out quickly don’t exactly speak ‘quality’ – and people may judge your business negatively for any inferior goods, even if they’re freebies.


#2 Use employees for promotion tactics                      

On the other hand, you could give items out to your employees so that they will become promotional tools for your business. Again, the items will have to be of good quality so they can be used repeatedly and continuously.


As mentioned, you must source quality items for your custom swag as your business will be associated with them – regardless of whether you are making them yourself or not and to whom you give them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to approach an established branding company to make your items, such as Anthem Branding or any others with a good track record of quality and positive reviews.




Opt for vehicle wraps on your fleet

You will be amazed at how much interest your fleet will get when they have a vehicle wrap promoting your business on them. Depending on your budget, you can have part or all of your vehicle wrapped.


For instance, it is possible to have just your hood or trunk covered, but for maximum advantage, it is best to have the whole of your vehicle wrapped. This means that those people in front and behind your vehicle are getting the full blast of your advertising as well as those on either side of you and even above.


When it comes to promoting a business, there is nothing like a trade show. A trade show will allow you to interact with your potential customer base face to face. For businesses in the renewable energy sector, it can be a great opportunity for generating solar leads. You can give out company swag that talks about the benefits and cost savings of solar energy. This way, people will have something to remember your business by once they have left the event.
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Of course, the vents of recent years have made the businesses that put the trade shows together work a little differently – but this has only opened up the world for more companies to expand into the global market. This is in terms of virtual trade shows.


With virtual trade shows, you are not in attendance in person but are there via a video link. This means you can still interact with those that have questions, but it will save your business on costly flights and hotel bookings.


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