How to locate potential customers in your chosen business niche

How to locate potential customers in your chosen business niche
Last Updated: October 31, 2022

When working out your marketing strategies, it is a good idea to complete in-depth research into your potential customer’s desires for your products and services and the price they are willing to pay.


It may come as a surprise that you can have a downturn in orders due to the price of your product being too low as well as when it is too high. This is because customers have a perceived price for the quality on offer, and if an item that is seen as good quality goes below that price, its quality is then drawn into question. It could be viewed as a throwaway purchase or as bad or low quality, affecting saleability.

However, it is not only the price that you will need to look closely at, but there is also the issue of what type of person you are aiming your product or service toward. In fact, you will quickly find that different people react to marketing in different ways, and some methods that will work for one type of person will not necessarily work for the next. Therefore, it is beneficial to your business to try out a few marketing methods to reap the most customers.


#1 Using the power of paper

This may be seen as old school, but there are still some people that will make purchases or inquiries after reading a flyer or a leaflet that is handed to them or put through their door. This could be quite expensive on shoe leather if you are looking to deliver all the leaflets yourself, so getting in contact with a local magazine or post office to see if they will add your leaflets to their deliveries could be the way forward. With this, there is also the option of posting advertisements in magazines or newspapers, and you do have to remember that most now have online copies to reach a much larger readership than before.



#2 Hire online Gurus

There is, of course, the more modern method of getting your word across, and that is on your website. Getting your website up and running and looking professional is important, but it is no good if nobody can find it unless led by the nose. This is where you will need to hire the services of reliable SEO experts such as Click Intelligence to help organize your google ranking (amongst other things) so that your business appears higher in the listings and will get a lot more good quality traffic.


#3 Getting vocal

These two routes work for potential customers who like to pick up and read about promotions and the like or for those who like to search for the items and services they either want or need, but there are others out there that you could still miss.


This is when you need to get hold of a local radio station to get your business name heard. Then there is the task of finding a social media influencer specializing in the niche you are looking to sell in and hiring their services to promote your items to their valuable followers. Many of them will make purchases because their favorite influencer has endorsed the product over actually wanting or needing it themselves.

Nicholas Mushayi
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