How to keep Employees Motivated in Tough Times

How to keep Employees Motivated in Tough Times

Time and time again companies may find themselves trying to stay afloat in turbulent times. In times like these. It is important to maintain a core staff that is sufficiently motivated to carry out their tasks. Employers need to devise ways to keep their employees engaged and motivated to stay productive. This article will highlight ways in which employers can bring the best out of their employees and come with a motivated workforce at the end of the day.



Motivating Employees as a manager

Ideally, employees should be motivated enough to accomplish goals as the reward for the accomplishments is remuneration.  However, in some cases, there may be a lack of motivation within employees as they do their tasks.  As a manager, one should come up with effective ways to motivate employees to accomplish goals.


Manager-employee relationship


An important factor for productivity is a positive manager-employee relationship. Employees will be productive in environments where they are treated with respect and a civil manner as well as not micro-managed.


Ways to motivate employees

Recognize top-performers

The current state of affairs is highly negative, a word of recognition is one of the most important things people need to keep going and remain positive. Recognize a job well done and from time to time, throw in a few rewards.


Give your employees creativity platforms



Ask your employees to be creative by offering ideas on how to make the company successful and improve performance. If the results of an idea are measurable and quantifiable, the employee can be rewarded with a percentage of the revenue contributed.


Be transparent with your employees

In a period of hardships, it is common for companies to be on the receiving end of the harsh economy.  Be honest with your employees and let them know where your company stands financially during this period. It is always important for employees to know exactly where you are as an organization, so that they may not be disappointed when financial obligations are not met.


Set clear and attainable expectations

Your staff wants to know what is expected of them during this downturn. Often, their job role will change especially if your company is trying to do more with less. Set expectations realistically and don't become increasingly hard-grinding. This will only stress them out. Expectations should also be laid out so that at the end of the day, your employees are doing exactly what is expected of them and not lagging behind.


Improve the working environment

The atmosphere greatly and directly affects the motivation level and feeling of well-being of the employees in the workplace. Where possible, provide comfortable and aesthetically pleasing furniture. Lighting, flowers, and artwork can also help improve employee morale and inspirational phrases posted to the bulletin board can be uplifting.


There's no doubt that it's harder to keep your employees focused and energetic during today's economic climate but implementing some motivational programs is a step in the right direction. These programs will help employees stay positive despite the negative situations around them. Besides, well-executed programs will help you retain top talent.


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