How to Increase sales revenue with the help of AI

How to Increase sales revenue with the help of AI

AI can do wonders, and everyone knows that. But do you also know that it can drive sales? 


Sales companies like Salesforce and Cogito are using AI to increase their sales and grow their business. And you can do the same. 


Companies use AI to save time and be competitive in todays world. AI programs can increase your selling hours by automating your busy work, analyzing your habits, and improving your daily productivity. 

Whatever your business model is, AI sales software can help you to scale and operate however you like, in increasing the performance of sales reps, monitoring the data, etc.

Heres how you can increase sales with AI: 


Qualify leads more accurately


AI has transformed the way we do business. It has made it easier to connect with people and corporations on both a business and personal level. Due to that, many professionals use social media to attract customers. 


However, sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have millions of users, and it can be time-consuming to find the right client. Using AI, you can gather data on leads in your industry. You can use Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Google Cloud Prediction API, Tensorflow, etc., to help with your work. These programs will collect relevant data along with other services.




Collecting data and going through it can be tedious and time-consuming. It can slow down your marketing plan or your business strategy. But using AI, you can analyze data quickly and efficiently connect with your ideal customers. Analytics gathered through AI can improve follow-up meetings and close deals. 


Improve pitches with predictive analytics




Whenever customers shop online, they add relevant items to their carts and get recommendations on related products. And before they knew it, they had added those additional products to their carts. 


Through this customer behavior, AI analyzes their habits and purchases, which allows the system to predict what each user would like to buy. Because of following the customers journey, AI knows what to sell, which saves salespeople hours of research time. 


Your sales team can use AI to gather insight based on customers choices. With the available data, you can create a winning pitch before meeting clients. 


With the help of AI, you will always be one step ahead because you know what your customer will like and how to close a deal. This is a benefit that helps create long-lasting relationships and earns you recommendations, leading to more sales. 


Bring your productivity to new heights

AI can help you to remain productive. The program can work 24*7 to provide you with fresh insight and quality leads. 


Working all day is something that every employer wants, considering the competitive nature of business ventures. 


The AI program can do all the hard work for work. All you have to do is meet your clients and close the deals. 

Drop your work on an artificial assistant when you are busy



AI can work as your artificial assistant. It can help you to find quality leads, automate messages, and your meeting will be automatically scheduled 24/7. It will do all the tedious tasks for you, thus saving your time and money. The saved money can be used to train new sales members and upgrade your data entry equipment. 


Most AI programs have voice-controlled virtual assistants who can record information for your representative from any device. They can also start a conversation and ask them the right questions for data analysis. 


Uncover opportunity automatically

Using AI, Uber can analyze your traveling patterns using team maps. The AI program reads those maps and directs divers to the right place at the right time. Similarly, Amazon uses AI to evaluate buying patterns which helps them to predict customer needs. They all create the right balance between nurturing existing customers and attracting new ones at the same time. 


Using AI, you can gather data on leads in your industry. Conclusion:

According to Olin Hyde, the CEO and founder of LeadCrunch (a B2B lead generation company that relies on machine learning and AI), artificial intelligence creates superhuman salespeople. With AI, your sales team can become stronger and more intelligent to meet the required goals. Using AI, you can increase your sales revenue and close more deals. 

Anisha G
This article was written by Anisha a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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