How to Conquer the LSAT and Get Into the Law School You Want

How to Conquer the LSAT and Get Into the Law School You Want
Last Updated: October 29, 2022

If you're considering going to law school, you're probably aware of the one monster you have to tame: the LSAT. While there are many challenges to navigate, it is one of the biggest ones.; with some effort and preparation, you should have no trouble conquering it. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:


This test is a crucial predictor of your future performance and success in law school, according to law schools. Don't worry if the thought of the test makes you uneasy

1. Make a Clear Plan

You must have a schedule and strategy if you study alone for the test. Set aside at least an hour per day to practice sections and read any LSAT materials you may have.


You should take one or two full-length weekend tests to assess your progress properly. The proper courses will ensure that you stay motivated. They make it possible to manage your time effectively.



2. Read

Preparing for the LSAT requires more reading than you may imagine. You must possess the ability to read swiftly while taking in every last detail of the text. Practice actively reading whenever you can. Read books about the LSAT and take advantage of online resources.


3. Know Yourself

During your practice sessions, keep a record of all the questions you answered wrongly. You must understand your strengths and weaknesses. You will notice trends in the types of questions you are getting wrong. That way, you can adjust your reading habits to improve your weaknesses


4. Schedule Enough Preparation Time

It would be best if you aimed to prepare for the LSAT for at least two or three months. Devote two to three hours a day to studying. Consider studying at least four days a week. There is no getting around this fact. Studying for the LSAT is like adding a second course to your schedule.


Scheduling your calendar is the only way to be successful in your LSAT preparation. Make sure you set aside enough time to learn by planning ahead. You don't want to learn that you didn't have enough time to prepare a few weeks before the LSAT.


5. Nothing Compares to the Real Thing

The availability of nearly every previous test is one of the best things about the LSAT. Take as many actual tests as you can. You can download many of the tests at a low cost. The number of real exams you take before the big day could determine your chances of success.


Do not underestimate the power of old LSAT tests. They help you prepare and know what to expect on test day. Some of them can be checked here.


6. Concentrate on LSAT Logical Reasoning

You need to score highly on logical reasoning if you want to perform well on the LSAT. Your LSAT score is partly based on your ability to reason logically.


7. Get Over Your Weaknesses

While it is essential to understand your weaknesses, you shouldn’t dwell on them. Every section of the LSAT is important. Read all of them even if you think you already understand. There is no harm in perfecting every aspect of the test.


Skipping over easy areas is just as bad as avoiding difficult ones. Every part demands your time and attention.


8. Be Ready On the Big Day

Plenty of law students have constantly scored highly on their practice exams, only to fail the real test. Pressure, stress, and anxieties on test day are the main causes of this.


It isn't much you can do to ease the stress or worries of the day. However, you can prepare in advance to reduce test-day anxiety as much as possible. You may significantly improve your ability to relax and entirely focus on the task at hand by following a few simple tips:

  • The night before the test, prepare your Ziploc bag, sharpen your pencils, choose your clothes, and prepare breakfast. The more you accomplish the night before, the less stressed you will be on test day.
  • Take a few practice exams in the morning at the same time as the actual LSAT. It is a great way to stimulate your actual test day.
  • Before the test, visit your testing location. Being late for the test is the last thing you want to happen. Try, if possible, to visit the room where the test will be administered a few times. 
  • Mentally preparing and familiarizing the room before the test is a great idea. It saves you from showing up, seeing the tiny desks, and being upset and irritated the entire test.


Are you preparing for the LSAT? There are plenty of ways to pass and get to the law school of your choice. Check out the above tips and take advantage of them.

Nicholas Mushayi

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