How to Clear Space on Mac: 6 Tips

How to Clear Space on Mac: 6 Tips

If you're on this blog, you must have been facing the problem of inadequate storage due to some reason. It breaks the flow of work and lowers productivity. When your hard drive nears its capacity, your Mac's performance is bound to suffer.

Seeing insufficient space to download that eagerly anticipated movie or work-related software is a real dampener. And without much knowledge of it, the chances of freeing up space on the disk get lower. In the following sections, you will see six effective strategies for having more space on your Mac's hard drive.

Uninstall all unnecessary apps

Chances are, your Mac hosts a wide range of applications and most of them lie there unused. These neglected apps and programs consume valuable space that you could otherwise recover. Removing them, particularly if they no longer serve a purpose, can help regain storage. While you can manually uninstall unwanted apps, this process can be time-intensive. For optimal results, we recommend using a cleaner app, which can efficiently do this task on your behalf.

What app or tool we use is a matter of choice. When surfing the internet, many of us use Chrome instead of Safari. In that case, you should remove Safari as it will lie unused there. Not removing it means it will consume a lot of space on your Mac. To do this without any hassle, you can find information on how to uninstall Safari here on this link.

Empty trash


Have you ever deleted files from the system and never cared to look into the Trash bin? Do you neglect to clear it out? An overflowing Trash bin can quietly consume substantial space on a Mac disk. It's wise to take control of this by emptying trash. The space that you get with it will surprise you.

Clear junk files on Mac

To get rid of your Mac of accumulated junk files, a third-party cleaner is an important tool. When you are in an office environment, organizing digital assets and remaining clutter-free is important. For this, choose the best Mac cleaning tools. It will streamline the process of decluttering and accelerating your Mac with only a few clicks. Its functions include:

  • deleting junk files
  • removing redundant applications
  • clean up duplicates and oversized files
  • optimize the memory usage of your Mac

Delete DMG files

Following the installation of applications, their DMG files become really unnecessary. Since most apps don't prompt users to delete these files after installation, you're likely to build up an unwanted collection of DMG files. And this means a huge burden on your valuable disk space. Removing DMG files is a straightforward process. You can manually delete them using Finder or, alternatively, use a cleaner app to save time and effort.

Optimize Mac storage

Freeing up disk space is effortless via the built-in optimization tools on your Mac. These can be readily accessed by navigating to the Apple menu > General > Storage > Recommendations.

  • iCloud Storage - This feature permits storing photos, movies, and files in iCloud, thereby retaining only essential items on your Mac.
  • Storage Optimization - Activating this function by clicking the Optimize button prompts your Mac to automatically discard watched movies and TV shows when storage runs low.
  • Automatic Trash Emptying: Once enabled, items lying in the Trash for over 30 days are removed automatically.

Remove duplicate files

Clearing out duplicate files is another efficacious approach to getting back space on the disk. Although a good IT team takes care of this on a regular basis, you should also know about it so that you can do it without any assistance. The large number of duplicates on your Mac will leave you surprised. There are a number of things we do on our MacBooks that slowly build duplicates. These could be repeated file downloads and unwanted copies.

While tech-savvy users can locate duplicates manually, the process is time-intensive and takes a bit of effort. Using a duplicate file finder tool is a smarter option. An app made specifically for this purpose can identify and erase duplicate files across Mac, cloud drives, and external drives. The apps might also extend support to locating and deleting similar photos.


The recommendations here will enable you to free enough storage space for a smoother, Mac experience. This will have a direct impact on your work efficiency and office productivity. Whether you love to download and watch movies or use multiple work software like collaboration tools or design apps, you'll see that your experience has remarkably changed. Using cleaner apps is one of the best ways to free up space on your Mac. The apps serve as a lifeline to you if you are not used to working manually.


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