How to Choose the Right Background Check Software for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Background Check Software for Your Business

Deciding which background check system to use to screen your employees and volunteers is an important choice. You want software that is affordable, legally compliant, and easy to use. Most businesses understand the necessity and legal requirements for conducting pre-employment background checks. Nearly 70% of employers screen job candidates in some capacity, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). 

While regulations and screening needs vary by industry, well-rounded, compliant checks that include criminal records, education and employment verification, financial history, motor vehicle records, and drug testing allow you to make informed hiring decisions, avoid legal issues, and promote a safe working environment. According to this article, even minor oversights in the background check process can lead to costly litigation or damage to your business’s reputation if you unknowingly hire someone with a concerning past or falsified credentials or work experience. Screening software equips you to complete the necessary due diligence. 

Key Features to Look For

We recommend seeking a background check company or software with the following capabilities:

Compliance Expertise


Employment screening regulations differ across states and are complex to navigate. Your software should keep up with all federal, state, and local laws and integrate compliant consent-based forms. This level of built-in compliance expertise reduces legal risk.

Comprehensive Checks and Monitoring

The best systems provide a one-stop shop for various pre-employment checks as well as ongoing monitoring that gives you visibility into changes after someone joins your team. Look for criminal record searches at multiple levels, education, and employment verification, licenses and credentials confirmation, global homeland security watchlist searches, drug tests, civil court checks, and more. Ongoing alerts if any new criminal or motor vehicle records appear to help you take appropriate action.

Global Checking

If your hiring needs extend beyond the U.S., global background screening capabilities allow you to customize checks internationally. Confirm identities, run criminal searches, and verify education and employment specifics across over 200 countries.

Automation and Integration



Minimize administrative hassles by using software that automates screening workflow. Features like mobile-friendly invite links, applicant self-service portals, integrations with leading applicant tracking system (ATS) platforms, and automated status updates streamline processes for your HR team. Additionally, automated processes enhance compliance.


Every organization has unique needs, employees, and applicants. Seek highly customizable systems that allow you to select specific checks based on the person and position. Onboarding general employees calls for standard screens. More stringent checks like financial history verification may suit executives and finance workers. Software with robust configuration options addresses various scenarios.

Data Security

Background checks pull extremely sensitive personal data that demands utmost data security during transmission and storage. Prioritize advanced measures like end-to-end encryption, SOC 2 compliance with routine external audits, limited internal access to data, user verification, and strict disaster recovery systems to meet rigorous protocols like GDPR.

Local Support

Despite technological capabilities to conduct international screens, work with providers that have specialized in-country teams for domestic searches. Support agents familiar with state and local specifics lead to greater accuracy. Review service levels and communication channels to confirm responsive customer support.

Pricing Models

Background check systems have different combination service packages or customizable a la carte check options. Built-in compliance tools also vary in cost. Consider flat monthly allowances, individual screens priced per check, or hybrid approaches when evaluating pricing and determining the best fit.


In closing, background screening represents a challenging landscape given the array of solution choices now accessible. While the sheer number of providers can overwhelm you, focusing on the key areas above helps you make an informed decision. Leveraging the right technology protects businesses from inherent risks and enables efficient hiring of qualified candidates - so undergo proper due diligence before making this pivotal platform choice. With robust features now available, integrating reliable background checks and prioritizing safety need not hamper productivity targets in today’s fast-growth environments.

Editorial Team
This article was written by Editorial a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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