How to Build and Maintain a Brand in Crisis

How to Build and Maintain a Brand in Crisis

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The current epidemic situation of coronavirus is a stress test for plenty of brands. As they say in Good times build confidence, while bad times build confidence and strong character. At this time only the strongest and fittest will survive. So how to build the brand in the Crisis? This article will help you to find out the details and nuances of the Branding in 2020.

The world feels a little uncertain right now. Many of brands have been pushed to prove the value of the existence. Especially what difference can those brands bring? Consumer will pay only for what is more valuable and meaningful. In the times of crisis and challenge, on of the best branding strategies is to embrace and solve problems. At the moment, one of the biggest challenges for brands are such points as short time, quick response, quality delivery. This reflects the excellence of management and the operational quality. Current situation showed brands the consumers become more demanding on safety and quality when the situation becomes more severe and serious. Neglecting any small details in this sense may cause irremediable consequences for brands.


Communicate relevant messages to customers.

In times like these companies or brands need to communicate great and most relevant messages to their customers.


For example Louis Vuitton stood from the crowd through their message, “Every paused journey will eventually restart. Louis Vuitton hopes you and your beloved ones stay safe and healthy.”



Consequently, brands should think seriously what they can provide to their consumers, and how they can reflect the support and positive attitude. This needs to be in-front of the most applicable, target demographic for Brands’ business proposition. The companies need to choose the right platforms should be chosen to build your visibility & reputation in order to target your consumers.


Prioritise trust and reputation

Consumers during the crisis do not pay attention for fancy and avant-garde marketing tactics. Hence, brands need to focus on building the Trust and Reputation. The key is to manage the trust marketing in a right and centered way, as concentrating on the following things:

  • Support the PR and Brand image building with action: do the right thing first, the publicity.
  • Focus on strengthening trust, love and loyalty.
  • Ensure the quality delivery of new products and services.
  • Leverage the influence of loyal customers by managing the customer relationships.


Maintain the phases of brand’s development

During different stages of crisis development consumers’ needs and mindset may differ. Therefore, brands shall plan out and manage in accordance. One of the first stages is survival phase, when brands need to deliver quick response and solution. The next one is recovery phase, while brands should build the Trust to respond to yet rational and prudent mindset. The last is: rebound phase, when brands may satisfy abandoned desires for consumption but still keeping in mind the cautious mindset of the consumer.


Be innovative

It is not a secret that during the “Home Stay” period such industries as gaming and video apps seen a great increase in demand. According to one report, 574 accounts on video platforms Douyin and Kuaishou have gained up to 500k new followers respectively between January 20 and February 2.


Simply brands have an opportunity to tap into this by creating branded apps, games, and videos. Health and fitness industries may create relevant content to engage with consumers.


Now is the time to dig in so that you come out on top and you’re not playing catch up when the dust settles.


Benjamin Sombi is a Data Scientist, Entrepreneur, & Business Analytics Manager at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd a management and human resources consulting firm.


Benjamin Sombi
This article was written by Benjamin a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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