Here is how to Successfully Navigate the Lockdown to the End

Here is how to Successfully Navigate the Lockdown to the End


A 21-day lockdown is no joke and many people and business are going to be affected by the decision made. Although drastic, this was probably the best way to navigate the pandemic at hand. This lockdown is a time of isolation from our usual daily routines. For many employees, this means working from home, which is a new concept that we need to try our best to maximise. It may be a very trying time for most people but the only way we can all go through it is to find the positive in the situation. There are a few ways that will be discussed to help people during the next 21 days.


What is this lockdown and why is it important?

The famous saying, “the virus does not spread, you do”, is a very important phrase during this time. The virus is easily spread when people get into contact with each other. There are many “ways” in which people are being told that they can keep themselves safe but the ultimate vaccine to this disease is to stay at home. It is going to be a very difficult time for most people but the goal is to minimise the spread of the disease as much as possible.

During the lockdown, one must stay home with the people they originally live with. Staying at home and having people coming over does not adhere to the rules set to protect everyone. This big move is not all about oneself but protecting the country at large. If you can, try your best not to leave the house unless it is for essentials. You may catch the disease and survive it but you do not know who you may get into contact with and may suffer from the negligence of unnecessarily leaving the house.






How to survive this lockdown

As mentioned before, the best way to survive this 21-day lockdown is to look at it from a positive perspective. Use the time wisely to do things you have always wanted to do. Some people may find “looking at the pandemic from a positive perspective” as unrealistic but the truth is there is no choice. Using three weeks to wail about the current situation will only ensure that when the time is up, you are still the same person. Whenever you get an opportunity to grow, grab it with both hands and this is one of the times where this can happen freely.

  • Try to have a routine – Do not wallow in the misery that you are expecting to result from this time. If you were going to work or school, do not stop waking up in the morning because that is the first step to moving forward. Have a guideline of how you want your days to go. Having a plan makes it easier to take each day as it comes as you have something to look forward to.
  • Keep active – Being at home does not mean that you need to stay still. Remove the mindset that you need the gym or the neighbourhood road for you to be able to exercise. Many websites provide very good home workouts. The last thing anyone would want is to stay idle and forget that there is an end to this pandemic. The time will come where life has to go back to normal and you have to start from step 1.

If you do not live alone, grab your housemates or your family members and get moving together. Use this time to start on the fitness journey you have always wanted to embark on but always had the excuse of being too busy.

  • Do not panic – With so much negativity surrounding social media, it is easy to get caught up in a panic mode and that is normal. Take some time away from the sources that have been providing you with this negative energy. Listen to some calming music that lifts your spirit. If you are a Christian, use this time to get to know the Bible and get closer to God. If not, find books that speak to you. There is something out there for everyone that will help in this time.
  • Healthy diet - Try not to binge eat because you will think about it later and wish you had done something else with your time. If you can, try to snack on healthy food that will keep your brain functioning and keep you energised. Always stay hydrated. It may seem impossible but it is very easy to forget to drink water often throughout the day. Being healthy does not have to mean, eating expensive food but just eating clean will go a long way.
  • Have a conducive working space – If you are an employee and your company requires you to carry on working, try everything that you can to be able to work well and productively. Find a space in your house or garden where you know you can work well with no disturbances. Being in a space that is encouraging to work in will allow you to be as productive as you can. being out of the office should not put your work on hold. You will be shocked that you work better at home.

Remember: do not set up your office in your bedroom. Working when you can see your bed is a trap for you to want to go to bed. Try by all means to go into a space that will encourage you to keep working even when you feel demotivated.

  • Keep up to date with your loved ones – Many people during this time may feel very lonely. It will help both you and them to check up on each other. Others may be scared and having someone check up on them regularly may lift their hopes. If you are at home and you live with your family, take this time to get to know each other again. With the fast-paced life that has encompassed most of our time, we have forgotten to bond properly with the people we live with. The lockdown is a time to slow down and to appreciate everything that is around us.
  • Keep yourselves and your spaces clean – Wash your hands regularly with soap for 20 seconds or more, focusing on each area of the hand. If you sanitise, ensure that the sanitiser has an alcohol content of 60-90%. What a lot of people do not know is that regular sanitiser is anti-bacterial and it will not work on the Corona Virus. Viruses and bacteria are not the same. Only use hand sanitiser if you are unable to wash your hands with soap as washing is the best method to use.

When disinfecting spaces and times remember to target areas such as door handles, any surfaces in the house, your cellphone (you take your cellphone nearly everywhere), laptop and other items that you may be constantly touching.

  • Get enough rest – Being home for 21 days may seem like you are not doing anything but your brain may be very active doing other things. Make sure that you get the hours needed for a good night’s sleep. Try to keep track of the days as it is easy to forget what day it is (Although not possible with all the gadgets we have around).



The Corona Virus is not the end and so is the national lockdown during this time. Let us keep reminding each other that better days are coming and these tough times never last forever. Remember to keep up to date with the work that you need to do as businesses still need to continue as much as possible. Stay safe and stay indoors.


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Thandeka Madziwanyika
This article was written by Thandeka a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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