Federal Employee Discounts

Federal Employee Discounts

Federal employee discounts are a suite of exclusive offers and savings available to government employees as a mark of recognition for their service. These discounts span various categories, from retail and clothing to travel and accommodation, and even encompass insurance, technology, and entertainment. The importance of these discounts cannot be overstated, they provide financial benefits and also foster a sense of appreciation towards federal employees. Understanding the depth and breadth of these discounts enables federal employees to make informed decisions and enhances their overall well-being by providing avenues for significant savings and improved quality of life.

Why Are Federal Employees Discounts Offered?

Federal employees occupy diverse roles within the government, encompassing law enforcement officers, healthcare professionals, and administrative staff just to name a few. Regardless of their specific job function, there is one common thread that unites them which is their unwavering commitment to public service. It is in recognition of this commitment that federal employee discounts are offered. The discounts are designed to reward federal employees for their dedication and provide tangible benefits that enhance their lives both personally and professionally.

Where to Find Federal Employee Discounts


Finding federal employee discounts entails exploring various resources and platforms. While the process may require some effort, the potential rewards in terms of savings are undoubtedly worth it. Below is a closer look at key avenues to explore:

1. Official Government Websites

Many federal agencies maintain comprehensive lists of available discounts on their intranet or employee portals. Official government websites provide lists of available federal employee discounts for example Federal Executive Boards and state government websites serve as valuable repositories of information on discounts tailored specifically for government employees. These platforms often feature a wide range of discounts spanning across retail, travel, accommodation and technology.

2. Employee Associations and Unions

Employee associations and labor unions actively negotiate discounts and benefits for their members. Organizations like the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) and the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) are prime examples of entities dedicated to securing exclusive promotions for federal employees. By leveraging the collective bargaining power of these associations, federal workers can gain access to discounts that would otherwise be unavailable to them, further enhancing their purchasing power and overall satisfaction with their employment benefits.

3. Vendor Websites



Numerous businesses openly advertise federal employee discounts on their websites, simplifying the process of accessing information on available offers and redemption procedures. Retailers, service providers, and travel agencies often feature dedicated sections on their websites highlighting discounts tailored for government employees. By visiting the websites of their favorite brands and service providers, federal employees can explore savings opportunities across a diverse range of products and services.

4. Employee Discount Programs

Specialized companies offer discount programs catering to employees of various organizations, including federal agencies. These programs aggregate discounts from many businesses and present them to members either for a nominal fee or as part of their employment benefits package. By enrolling in these programs, federal employees gain access to exclusive discounts and promotions that are not available to the general public, allowing them to stretch their dollars further and enjoy enhanced purchasing power.

5. Government Discount Guides

Websites like ID.me, FedSmith, RetailMeNot and YoFreeSamples serve as invaluable resources by compiling extensive lists of stores and brands offering discounts exclusively for government employees. These guides undergo regular updates and verification processes to ensure federal workers stay informed about the latest offers available to them. 

Retail and Clothing Discounts

Federal employees have access to an extensive array of discounts on retail and clothing items, spanning across electronics, apparel and consumer goods. Renowned merchants such as Costco, Samsung, Apple, Dell, Adidas, and Ray-Ban are just a few examples of brands offering exclusive discounts tailored for government employees.

Information on some notable examples is listed below:

  1. Apple: Federal employees and their immediate family members can procure select Apple products at specially discounted prices.
  2. AT&T: Eligible federal employees are entitled to savings on mobile plans, ensuring connectivity at reduced rates. They can save $10/month per line on the Unlimited Elite plan.
  3. Coast Guard Exchange: The Coast Guard Exchange System (CGX) extends tax-free shopping privileges to Department of Homeland Security employees, both online and at physical locations. They offer access to a wide range of brand-name merchandise.
  4. Dell: Military personnel and employees of military agencies can capitalize on exclusive discounts offered by Dell on a variety of products.
  5. Feds Apparel: This provider offers promotions and coupons specifically tailored for federal employees. Free Shipping: Order $150 or more in merchandise to qualify for free shipping.
  6. Microsoft: Federal employees can avail themselves of discounted Microsoft 365 subscriptions and gain access to essential productivity tools at reduced rates.
  7. PODS: Offers discounts on storage and long-distance moves and eases the burden of relocation for federal employees. Federal employees can save 5% off the cost of the first month of storage.
  8. Samsung: The tech giant extends generous discounts on a range of products, including computers, mobile phones, appliances, and more saving up to 30%.
  9. T-Mobile: Exclusive deals await government employees, ensuring access to quality communication services at discounted rates.
  10. Washington Post: Members of the U.S. military and government with valid .mil or .gov email addresses can access complimentary digital subscriptions, staying informed at no additional cost.

Travel and Accommodation Discounts

Federal employees have access to discounted travel and accommodation which makes it easier and more affordable to plan trips and vacations. Car rental companies such as Avis, Alamo, and Hertz offer substantial savings on rentals, while hotels like Hilton, Hyatt, and Wyndham extend discounted room rates. Airlines like United, JetBlue, and Amtrak further make the deal even better by offering special flight fares for government employees, ensuring seamless travel experiences without breaking the bank.

1. Car Rental Discounts

Car rental companies understand the value of government employees' business and often extend generous discounts to federal workers with savings ranging from 5% to 25% off standard rates. Here's a closer look at some of the discounts available:

  • Avis: Federal employees and military members can enroll in the Avis Preferred program which allows them to skip the line and earn rewards points on rentals.
  • Alamo: Offers discounted rates for federal employees and military personnel, including veterans, making it more affordable to rent vehicles for business or leisure travel.
  • Hertz: Federal employees can take advantage of discounted rates and special upgrades on car rentals, ensuring reliable transportation at reduced prices.

2. Hotel Discounts

Hotels are another area where federal employees can enjoy significant savings. Here are some examples of hotel discounts available to federal employees:

  • Choice Hotels: Offers government rates at thousands of participating locations to ensure that federal employees have access to affordable accommodations wherever they go.
  • Hilton: Extends government rates at participating hotels to allow federal employees to enjoy the comforts of Hilton properties at discounted prices.

3. Airline and Train Discounts

Airlines and train companies also offer discounts to government employees, making it easier and more affordable to travel for work or personal reasons. Here are some examples of airline and train discounts available to federal employees:

  • JetBlue: Offers federal fares on official travel when paid with a government-issued credit card or travel request, so that federal employees can fly to their destinations at reduced rates.
  • United: Provides special fares for federal government employees traveling on official business.
  • Amtrak: Offers discounted fares for federal employees traveling for business within the Northeast Corridor and nationwide for a cost-effective train travel option.

Additional Federal Employee Discounts

In addition to retail, travel, and accommodation discounts, federal employees can access savings on various other products and services as listed below:

1. Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies recognize the valuable contributions of federal employees and often extend discounts on various insurance products. For example, GEICO offers automobile insurance discounts to active or retired federal employees (GS-7 and above). They offer a discount of up to 8% on auto insurance policies for federal employees.

2. Entertainment and Leisure Discounts

Federal employees can also enjoy discounts on entertainment and leisure activities. Companies like Disney World and Showtime offer discounted experiences for government employees to create memories at a fraction of the cost.

Accessing Government Employee Discounts

Accessing federal employee discounts typically involves verifying employment status and eligibility through designated channels. Common methods include utilizing platforms like ID.me or presenting a government-issued email address as proof of employment. By following the established procedures for accessing discounts, federal employees can gain substantial savings on a wide range of products and services.


Federal employee discounts embody a collective acknowledgment of the invaluable contributions made by government employees to society besides being a monetary benefit. Federal workers can not only enhance their quality of life but also reaffirm the significance of their roles in shaping the nation's future when they leverage these discounts. These discount programs stand as tangible manifestations of appreciation, enriching the lives of those who tirelessly serve the nation.

Belinda Pondayi
This article was written by Belinda a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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