Essay Writing As a Skill for Career Advancement

Essay Writing As a Skill for Career Advancement
Last Updated: November 15, 2023

Writing an essay isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It requires extensive knowledge of the subject and presentation skills. Learning how to develop this skill can be useful in advancing your career. 

From admission papers to reflective essays, students have to engage in writing throughout their academic life. But we are not all born with excellent linguistic intelligence. According to Howard Gardner, there are nine types of intelligence. Some excel at solving mathematical problems, while others are great at sports. So, it’s normal not to excel in writing.

If you also struggle to string words together to express yourself or discuss a topic, you can buy an essay or order essay paper from a reliable online site that guarantees quality college papers. When you’re ready to buy essays, stay safe and avoid buying from those with cheap offers. Quality comes with a price, but a reasonable one. It is crucial to have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of essay writing, regardless of whether you decide to buy an essay or create one on your own.

What Is Essay Writing?

Essay writing is a type of written communication that involves organizing and presenting information, ideas, arguments, or opinions on a specific topic. Its primary purpose is to convey a perspective or a message to the reader. Essays can be narrative, descriptive, expository, or argumentative.

How Mastering Essay Writing Skills Can Fast-track Your Career


Writing essays is challenging. It requires clear thought, proper grammar, and effective detail organization. You also need to have the ability to create compelling sentences. Although essay writing is hard, it’s worth learning. The skills you'll gain from this task can help propel your career forward. Here’s how:

Get Good Grades

Effective essay writing skills can help you earn good grades, which can help you later when looking for a job. While employers do not hire applicants based solely on their college GPA, they still care about grades, especially if the applicant hasn’t had any job experience. They often use it to gauge the applicant’s ability to perform the job. 

If you struggle to get a passing or high GPA, even if you are skilled in writing, consider a tutor on other subjects like accounting.

Enhance Your Reputation

More than 50% of recruiters these days tend to visit their applicants’ social media profiles as part of the vetting process. They do this to better understand the jobseeker’s character. This may be a bit uncomfortable for the applicant, but you can take it to your advantage. You can use your essay writing skills to create and post respectful, appropriate, and well-written content on your profile that will impress employers.

Improve Written Communication

Written communication is a vital skill to have in the modern working environment. Most jobs will require you to communicate in writing through formal letters, emails, and notes. Honing your essay writing skills will help you articulate your ideas and thoughts in written form, allowing you to get your message or any information across clearly and quickly.


Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is crucial in particular career fields, like education, medicine, and law. But it’s a key soft skill in any workplace. Employers tend to favor critical thinkers as they can connect ideas, spot inconsistencies, and errors, and make good decisions. Fortunately, critical thinking is a skill you can learn. We’re not born with the power to think critically. But we can practice improving this attribute. 

Writing is one of the ways to develop critical thinking. It requires you to make your ideas explicit and to evaluate and select among the tools needed for effective discourse. You’ll need to think through arguments, which is a good way to hone your higher-order thinking.

Jumpstart a Writing Career

You have probably read tens or hundreds of articles on the web. Most of these articles are paid. It means companies who need content pay someone with excellent writing skills to write about a certain topic. So, if you hone your essay-writing skills, you can enter this field as well. 

Aside from writing content for the web, there are many job opportunities for those skilled in writing. You can be an author, a news producer, or a proofreader. If you love writing and spending time on social media platforms, you can take a social media manager role. 


Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing Skill

Essay writing goes beyond converting one’s thoughts into structured literature. There are many processes to take into consideration. Here are some strategies to elevate your essay-writing skills to the next level. 

  1. Spend more time reading. Broadening your general knowledge about a subject can help you write a better piece. Reading will provide you with insights you might not get from researching just one specific angle of the topic. 

  2. Always read the instructions. You'll usually get a prompt when you get an essay writing task. Be sure to read the prompt properly, multiple times if needed. You should know what is asked to ensure your essay revolves around the proper assignment direction. 

  3. Research diligently. With the advent of the internet, finding information to support your essay is easier than ever. You should take full advantage of this by reading through different research sources. Not only can you get more information, but you can also guarantee the accuracy and reliability of your piece. Just make sure to note important details that are easy to lose track of, like authors, pages, quotations, and figures.

  4. Structure your content. Before writing the final version of your essay, it’s usually a good idea to pre-write. During this stage, you can pick an interesting topic if you have the choice. You can also determine the essay's scope, type, and general direction. 

  5. Be clear and concise. Being clear and concise is helpful to the writer and the readers. You will be more considerate of your words, which will help increase the efficiency of your writing process in general. The readers, on the other hand, will find it easier to focus on your main point and, thus, understand them more easily. 

  6. Proofread, edit, and revise. Before submitting, read through your work. This will usually lead to you catching simple errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Aside from that, you might also find better ways to organize your words, omit unnecessary parts, and add new segments to improve the flow and clarity of your essay.

  7. Read it aloud. Reading your essay aloud will help you catch errors you might have missed otherwise. It can also help you identify awkward phrasing and find out your essay's overall tone and effectiveness.

  8. Practice daily. Practice writing every day, even if there are no essay writing assignments at school or writing tasks at work. Find and work on your weaknesses. Give yourself different writing prompts and challenge yourself to become better than you were yesterday. 

Hone Valuable Skills for a Better Tomorrow

The job market is competitive. You will be competing with many other talents with unique skills. If you want to get an edge and advance your career, developing vital skills in the workplace can help. These skills include critical thinking, problem solving, and written communication—skills you can develop when you take essay writing seriously. 

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