Employer Branding is a strategic role in organisations

Employer Branding is a strategic role in organisations
Last Updated: June 25, 2023

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Employer Branding is a complex and hybrid role that cuts across HR, Marketing and Recruitment. That is why there are very few Employer Branding Consultants in India. 


Planning, developing, and implementing an Employer Branding strategy is not an easy task. This article has defined 5 steps to follow when implementing an Employer Branding strategy. 


Do you want to develop a Great Employer Brand for your company?


It begins with Employee Experience. If you do not provide a good employee experience, you will have trouble retaining the talent that your recruitment team spend great efforts to hire from the Market. As Tony Heish CEO of, Zappos says - Your culture is your Brand. 

However, At the operational level, from Branding and Marketing perspective, there are several key tasks that the Employer Branding role consist of but are not limited to - 


1.  Careers Website Redesign. Make sure your career website is easy to navigate, provide crucial information on the jobs and roles that you hire for your company, outlines career development model at your company, inspire career success stories of few employees in key roles, benefits and rewards for employees and awards that your company has won. Candidate experience starts with your website and the application process to apply for jobs should not take more than a few clicks.


2. Photoshoot of  employees to highlight Engaged Employees as Brand Ambassadors 


3. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin - Own the Digital Assets, Populate Tw, Li, FB pages with interesting and relevant content for Jobseekers. 


4. Collaboration with Marketing is crucial since you would work closely with the Marketing team to ensure Recruitment Marketing content is in alignment with Companys Branding Guidelines.


5. Content Marketing - Curation of Branded Content and Publishing on Social Media channels.


6. Content Creation - There could be several themes such as Employees Stories, Day in the Life stories, Leader Interviews, Leader blogs, Career stories, Women Leader, Diversity & inclusion stories


7. Branding campaigns - LifeatX, ProudofX, WomenatatX


8. Twitter chats with Company Leaders ( CEO, CHRO, Business Leaders, Recruitment Leaders)


9. Storytelling content, event pics, newsletter pics, employee engagement pics  


10 . Creation of EVP - Employer Value Proposition starts with Researching Employee Experience. EVP consists of 5 main blocks. And EVP for each organization is unique and differentiates the employer from the competition. 




11. You would need Hootsuite License for Social Media Management and Social Analytics reports 


12. Glassdoor campaign to highlight reviews by engaged employees 


13 . Get Recruiters buy-in for Social Media hiring and assign targets 


14. Linkedin training for recruiters on Social Sourcing and LinkedIn Recruitment 


15. Collaborate with Diversity and HR team for developing Women community to Build Women Talent Pipeline 


16. Set up Company  Careers Blog and share inspiring stories from Employees Engaged at the workplace. 


17. Develop Branding Microsite on Job Boards - Naukri, Monster, IIMJobs. 


18. Working with Procurement teams to impanel vendors for Photoshoot, Video production for Recruitment purposes. 


19. Develop a Candidate Persona and incorporate it in Recruitment Marketing messaging to appeal to and influence your target audience. You can now map the journey of the candidate right from the first touchpoint when he views the piece of recruitment content to the point where he decides to apply for your job and ultimately to the final stage of hiring i.e. Selection and Onboarding. 





20 Define the channels and candidate touchpoints with a focus on Candidate experience 


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About Ruchi Bhatia

Ruchi Bhatia is an SHRM recognized Top 10 HR Expert. In her last role, she worked as an Employer Branding Leader with IBM. 

If you need the help of an Employer Branding consultant to Reduce the Cost of Hiring and Attract the best talent from the Market, please feel free to drop an email at ruchibhatia23@gmail.com or call Ruchi Bhatia 9911112396. 


Ruchi Bhatia
This article was written by Ruchi a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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