Employee Background Check Services: A Guide For HR Practitioners

Employee Background Check Services: A Guide For HR Practitioners
Last Updated: July 9, 2023

Employee background check services are web-based platforms allowing companies to search various public databases for information on potential employees' backgrounds.


The value these services provide is convenience, range of data access, and the ability to efficiently interpret that data so you can utilize it to make a hiring choice.

How do background Check Services Work

Background check services work by first confirming a person's identification using the data they supply, including their date of birth. Depending on the information requested, searches are then undertaken to utilize a range of public databases and court documents.


Some searches will necessitate professionals manually contacting employers and other organizations, such as educational institutions, in addition to database checks. They offer further confidence that employers base judgments on factual, legally admissible information.


With employee background check services, HR practitioners can select which checks to perform based on the roles they are recruiting for. This gives information that is necessary for companies to make better hiring decisions. There are several different types of checks accessible.


Employers utilize employee background check services to authenticate candidates' job history, experience, and education levels. In addition, they investigate the applicant's credit history and seek any evidence of previous illegal behavior. The employee background check services use fair, consistent, and complaint procedures.


Why Employee Background Check Services Are Important


Organizations should not take these background checks lightly because of the impact bad hires can have. For example, according to HR.com, 94% of companies perform one or more forms of employment background checks.


Employee background check services provide solutions through a range of application tracking tools.

Our comprehensive range of background screening services caters to the diverse needs of businesses, delivering rapid results and ensuring a hassle-free experience for candidates. These services are designed to assist HR managers in verifying the qualifications, skills, and licenses necessary for a particular role.


Additionally, HR uses this data to stay clear of legal obligations like negligent hiring. For example, although it is not against the law to hire someone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol on their criminal record, a business may be held responsible if that driver crashes another vehicle while impaired.


Employee background check services assist in risk reduction, reputational protection, and developing a workforce the company can trust.


Important Considerations

Some professional background check services verify everything, regardless of the candidates and nature of the job. For example, you are nearly always obligated to do a thorough background check on every new hire if your company works for the government and handles federal contracts.


Most third-party employee background check services provide historic information and provide clients with a range of alternatives for starting the investigation. There are two ways to create an employment background check: As an employer, you may enter it yourself, but you will need both the applicant's consent and that data. Alternatively, you might send the applicant an email that was automatically produced for them to sign and submit the information.


What happens to this information after receiving a report is a crucial issue you must deal with offline. These reports typically contain information the subject considers very private; therefore, losing it in a data breach or via simple negligence can sometimes have serious consequences. Additionally, recent advancements in data privacy, including adopting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations of the European Union (EU), may impose even greater accountability on both those who supply the data and those who receive it. It is important to take care while accessing this data, storing it, and getting rid of it.


Top 10 Background check services


Background Report

For consumers who wish to begin and complete the full background check procedure online, Background Report offers a simple, do-it-yourself solution.


This service is intended to be inclusive, enabling job candidates to view findings, offer criticism, and contest or otherwise clarify them as needed.


Accurate Now

Next, Accurate Now provides small and medium-sized enterprises with computerized background checks.



California-based GoodHire is great for company owners that want pre-employment screening services, GoodHire provides a hassle-free web gateway.


The company has won awards for its user-friendly interface and superior customer support. Pricing options from GoodHire include quotes and packages.


Employment Screening Resources

Lester Rosen, a lawyer for employers, launched Employment Screening Resources (ESR) in 1997.


ESR offers U.S.-based data processing as a means of delivering its services and has leadership that is knowledgeable about labor and hiring regulations. You must speak with the ESR sales team directly for price information.



HireRight, a top-rated background check website, can process applications in 20 languages and provides pre-employment screening in more than 240 countries and territories. Various interfaces are available for current e-recruiting programs on the HireRight platform.



Intellicorp offers a comprehensive selection of the top background check services and will collaborate with you to design a program that satisfies your organization's requirements.


Verified Credentials

Verified Credentials offers both individual and business background check services and is an additional excellent choice.


People who wish to know what information is shown when a potential employer checks into their record might benefit from using the personal background check.



Since 1982, Justifacts has offered pre-employment screening services to both small enterprises and large corporations.


An account manager is provided to each Justifacts customer to assist in customizing the screening procedure and deciphering report findings.



Infomart, a Marietta, Georgia-based company, assists clients in creating sector-specific pre-employment screening processes. Verifications, credit history checks, and background checks are among the services offered.


Even your vendors and any interns you want to recruit will have their backgrounds checked by them.



Checkr, a more recent company, has emerged as the preferred option for many large and small IT businesses.


The business is an automated, mobile-friendly platform ideally equipped to manage full-time employees and freelancers.


The Value Of Employee Background Check Services

Pre-employment background checking during the recruiting process is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. They provide a \"larger picture\" of a candidate's true character, making them reliable workers. They can aid in the search for the ideal candidate.
  2. Avoiding harm or legal responsibility to the employer or third parties is a major justification for conducting background and reference checks. This encompasses injury to:
  • other workers through workplace violence or sexual harassment.
  • For instance, the business's customers may be victimized by sexual assault on company property.
  • The general population through careless driving.
  1. The employer's business might suffer a financial loss or problems with its reputation.
  2. Employee background check services which conduct deep criminal background checks on job candidates are necessary to defend against legal accusations like negligent hiring.
  3. Past performance can reflect a person's professionalism, productivity, work skills, and interpersonal communication talents and is a reliable predictor of future success. A reference check assists in separating the real high flyers from the pretenders.
  4. Some candidates may exaggerate or lie about their qualifications on their resumes. Employee background check services enable HR to identify irregularities and steer clear of underqualified or inexperienced hires. This is an important step in recruiting since choosing the incorrect candidate might hurt output and quality.
  5. Employers must take all necessary precautions to guard against the loss and theft of data. This is particularly true if a candidate works with sensitive or secret information.
  6. Background checks on criminal histories are performed to see whether the applicant's history suggests a risk to the employer, its other employees, or its clients.
  7. Verifying the applicant's claims will not only validate their eligibility but may also provide some information about their dependability and motive. An increase from 66% five years ago to 85% of employers revealed a lie or misrepresentation on a candidate's résumé or job application during the screening process, according to a 2018 HireRight research. 


Employee background services are a smart way to protect your business and employees. An employee background check platform can help you avoid hiring the wrong people and improve your hiring process by providing more information about prospective employees.


Fadzai Danha
This article was written by Fadzai a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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