Easy Ways To Maximize Cart Value

Easy Ways To Maximize Cart Value

An increased cart value means customers are spending more in your store. As a Shopify entrepreneur, you will always try to make the visitors buy more products from your store upon each visit. 


So, how can you maximize the cart value of your Shopify store? We will go through some valuable tricks here that can help you in driving up the average cart price. Without further ado, let's get the ball rolling.

Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page 

A Shopify thank you page is an order confirmation page for customers who have already made a purchase. The primary goal of this feature is to encourage repeat purchases. So, design a page that makes the customer feels appreciated. 


Think of the thank you page as a gesture of gratitude. It also shows that you care about the customers and are always trying to improve the shopping experience. All these translate to better sales and higher cart value. 


How can Shopify thank you pages particularly help in increasing average cart value? The page displays the current order status of the customer. You can also include promotional information to convince customers to add more items to their carts. 


It's also possible to use the thank you page as a product page or landing page to promote your products, engage in cross-selling, and ultimately raise the average order value of your customers' purchases.


Improve Product Photo Quality


Unless you are a professional photographer, taking your own product photos is a no-no for increasing your cart value. High-quality product photos have proven more effective in luring clicks and sales. 


If possible, include a video or interactive image that gives the viewer a 360-degree view of the item on the product page. The photographs should not get pixelated upon zooming. The more details the photos reveal, the likelier it is for the product to get sold. So, if there’s something to correct, do it before uploading the photos so everyone can see it. Luckily, you can have your pick of free photo editors, so there should be no additional costs.

Excellent product photography increases trustworthiness decreases product returns and increases the rate at which site visitors add products to their carts. So, don't hesitate to hire a professional product photographer. 


Offer Free Shipping For Bulk Buyers

Data suggest that conversion rates are nearly 50% higher when the vendor offers free shipping. Most consumers see shipping charges as an extra burden. You can jump at this opportunity and incentivize the buyer to buy more for free shipping. 


You can set the pricing to cover shipping costs and offer free delivery for every purchase. However, that could be risky as it would drive the price higher than your competition. So, offering free shipping for bulk purchases is a safer option. 


Show the customer how much more they need to spend to get free shipping when they check their order. Think about showing products that go with the ones in the shopping cart and come with free shipping.


Give Limited Time Discounts

Consumer psychology studies say limited-time discounts prompt customers to buy more. In this situation, customers tend to buy things they weren't even thinking about when they entered the store. So, the cart value will undoubtedly rise. 


A countdown clock would be a nifty addition. It will create more urgency among the customers. Customers will feel the longer they wait, the likelier it is that they will miss out on a lucrative opportunity. 


These discounts can be for all products on the site or a specific group of products. You might also want to personalize these deals for customers by sending them emails with special offer codes for their favorite products.


Share Genuine Customer Experiences 



Allow the customers to leave reviews on your store. If you have repeated buyers, reach out to them and request them to record a short video sharing their experiences using your product. This will provide a substantial amount of credibility to your business.


Highlighting actual consumers using your products, also referred to as social proof, is a terrific approach to boost conversion rates. A new customer will feel more assured of the quality of your product by seeing rave reviews from other buyers. 


Throw in some incentive for your old customers to share their feedback. You can offer them special discounts or exclusive deals like buy-one-get-one offers if they take their team to say a few words about your offerings. 


Offer Discounts For More Purchases 

Gadgets and appliance stores frequently deploy this marketing strategy. Customers first pay the base price for the first product; as they purchase additional, the lowest priced item receives a higher discount.


This is a trick to induce the buyers to buy more products. Customers feel they are having a good deal since they get some items at incredibly low prices. The sellers are happy to see the products flying out of shelves at much quicker rates and pushing the cart value higher. 


Make Purchase Suggestions 

Offer more products to the customer when they finalize their purchase of a specific product. Make sure the production suggestion is relevant to the current purchase of the consumer. Digital marketers call this approach "cross-selling."


For example, let's say someone bought a tennis racket from an online sports shop. The shop should also recommend that the buyer buy some tennis balls since tennis rackets and balls are frequently bought together. 



In this scenario, you should suggest something more expensive than the product the customer initially wanted to buy. Let's say someone wants to buy a keyboard for his computer. He clicked on a regular keyboard that comes at a low price. 


The store algorithm should show this person a fancier alternative that costs significantly more. Maybe a keyboard with mechanical keys and a backlit design. The idea is to lure him into buying a high-end model.


If the buyer has strict budget constraints, he will not consider the second option. But if he's undecided on the budget, seeing the better features of the keyboard might prompt him to buy the more expensive model, even though he did not plan for it originally. 


Final Words 

Boosting the cart value of your store can be easier than you think if you adopt the right strategies. Give the buyers proper incentives to spend more and return to your store. Research consumer trends to come up with the most effective offers. 

Nicholas Mushayi
Super User
This article was written by Nicholas a Super User at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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