Do your own push-ups

Do your own push-ups
Last Updated: July 4, 2022

It is the most common practice of people to blame the situation when events do not go according to plan. You will find a tennis player after having lost a match will blame the tennis racket, the pitch, the weather or even the tennis balls for his loss. Making oneself the victim of a situation where all external factors were working against your success. Such ideas are flawed in their very nature because you most definitely are not the first to go through that situation, you are not the first to experience hyperinflation, you are not the first business owner neither are you the first person to go through a dry season. It has all been done before and there are people who broke through despite the circumstances, so what makes your situation any different?


Change your formula

E+R=O and no this will not be a maths lesson but a life formula that may change many self-defeating ideas. Event + Response = Outcome. The main idea behind this formula is that every outcome whether it be a win or loss, illness or health, is the result of how you responded to an event. Yes, the fuel prices may be increasing in what seems like every other week but what is your response will you sit on the benches and complain daily to everyone you meet or rather take an active role in your own life and come up with means to maneuver through the influxes. Yes the economy is going through drastic changes and the usual business strategy that worked for you all these years is no longer as effective, but what will you do about it? Hold on tightly to your old systems or will you find new ways to take over the market and to stay relevant. Every outcome in your life is the result of the way you responded to the situation.

Stop giving excuses

A complaint is based on the belief that a better outcome exists, however, it is one you are not willing to take an active role in ensuring it comes to fruition. One must remember you are the one who went through the experience, you created the feelings, made the decisions, thought the thoughts and moved your feet to where you are standing right now. Therefore why must there be anyone else to blame but yourself? Giving excuses is an ineffective way of changing an outcome.


Change your behaviour

Insanity- is continuing to repeat a behaviour that does not bring the desired outcome. No matter how many workout videos you watch or a number of times you complain about not being fit, nothing will change until you actually get down and do our own workout, go to that gym put in the work and your desired outcome will come to you. If you want a different outcome you will have to change the behaviours that stand as the obstacles to your dreams.



Being the driver of your own life may take time, may take more energy, may require taking the risk and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone however it brings results and lessons you might not have learned sitting on your couch wailing about the cruelty of the world.


Munodiwa Zvemhara is a consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd a management and human resources consulting firm.

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Munodiwa Zvemhara
This article was written by Munodiwa a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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