Brewing A Career - A Comprehensive Guide To HRM For Bars & Breweries

Brewing A Career - A Comprehensive Guide To HRM For Bars & Breweries

The alcoholic beverages industry is vastly profitable whether you are making the drinks or serving them. If you decide to start a brewery or bar, you should know it will be challenging to be successful. 


There is a lot of competition, but one of the most challenging elements of running the enterprise will be human resource management (HRM). The employees of any company are essential, and managing the staff properly is critical to success. The employees of a bar or brewery are often precarious, so you must keep a close eye on them as the owner or manager of a bar or brewery.

The following is a comprehensive guide to human resource management for bars and breweries:


Have A Proper Human Resource Structure

To run a successful brewery or bar, the first step in HRM should be to create a proper human resource structure. The chain of command is essential for any organization, and everyone needs to know their responsibilities and what role they serve in the organization. Everyone should know who they report to and what decisions they can make about the 



A transparent chain of command will especially be valuable when you have to make tough decisions in case things go wrong. Job descriptions should be clear so that anyone you hire knows exactly what to do when working at the bar or brewery. 


Hire The Right People


Once you have established a clear human resource structure, you can start filling the positions. HRM starts by hiring the right people, which is particularly important in a brewery or bar as you will be dealing with a precious and intoxicating substance. It would be best to practice selective hiring with clear evaluation criteria for every position. 


The recruitment process or hiring system should ensure that you choose the best person for the job based on the applications. Judging candidates based on ability, trainability, and commitment would be best. Ensure you conduct background checks to know as much as possible about your employees. Always remember it is much better to prevent a lousy employee from working for you than to fire one. 


Employee Training and Development

After selecting the right people to fill your human resource structure, you will probably have to conduct employee training. Employee training and development is a crucial element of human resource management


Some employees may have experience making alcoholic drinks in a brewery or serving them in a bar. However, your company will have different policies and procedures which new employees should learn. You should invest in training and development programs for your staff to ensure they are ideally suited to perform their jobs. It would be best if you primarily focused on skills-specific training for your bar or brewery. 


Moreover, employees should know that there are opportunities for career development at your business which will incentivize them.


Fair and Performance-Based Compensation

Compensation is a vital issue in human resource management. If you want the best employees to perform above expectations, you should reward them accordingly. You also want to be fair and pay employees at the same job performing equally the same amount. Compensation at the brewery or bar should be based on employee performance. 


Their compensation should reflect the value they add to the business. Performance-based compensation also ensures that you reward the hardest working and most efficient employees encouraging others to improve. Consider options such as stock options and profit-sharing to uphold the company's long-term vision and retain the best employees.


Define Precise Outcomes

To offer your staff performance-based compensation, you will have to develop ways to measure their performance. You have to create quantifiable metrics to help you judge staff performance. For example, capitalizing on talent will be crucial if you are brewing craft beer


Performance metrics could include the amount of beer made in a particular period, the quality of beer, and best-selling beer ideas. For a bar, performance metrics may include the amount of beer sold, tips earned, and customer service reviews. 


It would be best if you had precise outcomes for your brewery and bar to help evaluate employees and determine which ones to terminate or retain. The human resource department should have goals to meet that contribute to your business's overall goals. 


Human resource management is one of the most challenging tasks in business, especially in a brewery or bar. The above guide should help ensure your staff is in optimal condition and working together to achieve your business goals. Every business will be different, so adapt the guide to suit your specific establishment. 

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